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Cool, but do they smear?

I have become quite frustrated with highlighters that smear inkjet printer ink. Imagine my surprise when the Sharpie Accent Highlighter with "smear guard" still made a mess of my documents. Those 3M pens look mighty cool, but I am going to wait until someone gives them a test drive before I buy any.


hey Bob

Did you ever get one of those dry-lighter thingie-ma-do-hickeys? Curious how you've been highlighting these days :)

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Nope, Not Yet

Thanks for checking up on me Sara. I never did buy a drylighter. I can't find them in local office supply shops, and I won't buy them on-line. You see, my wife doesn't know about my office supply love receiving credit card bills for drylighters, notecards, pens, etc. would start a battle I don't care to wage. Besides, I like to hold something in my hand before shelling out my bucks.



I’ve started using Crayola Twistable Colored Pencils as highlighters. No smearing and no sharpener required, but I do have to “color” back and forth instead of just one swipe with a highlighter. The good thing is that they come in a bunch of colors, are cheep, and available at grocery and drug stories.

Lisa PT

neon pens

I have a few different kinds of neon gel pens... Bic Intensity, Pentel Hybrid, and Sakura Gelly Roll... in flourescent pinks, oranges, greens and blues...

I find that underlining is enough for me. I like that it keeps the page looking neat.

Might be an option if you like the look :)

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Thanks, Sara :)

Thanks, Sara. :) I keep looking at those at the office supply store, but I prefer the paper flags to the plastic ones, so I've been able to resist (so far).

I have some big bulky highlighters called Accent Inspire that work pretty well on inkjet prints. HOWEVER, please note that while I usually use a laser printer to print, I sometimes print on my inkjet, but it's an Epson C84 and it uses pigment (not dye-based) inks, which are less prone to smearage. That may have more to do with the success of those highlighters than the highlighters themselves (although they did say 'less smearing' on the package).

Also, if the dry highlighters are a little too thick for your use, I've sometimes used a regular Prismacolor yellow pencil and it works just fine. This is on regular paper - I think I've marked in a book twice in my life and both times it so totally freaked me out that I just can't do it. Post-it notes are what I usually use in books (and, yes, my books do often end up looking like porcupines ;) ) and only use highlighters on printouts.

the highlighters

I bought the highlighters when they first came out...back in the day. i did a lot more highlighting then, in my books and papers. Needless to say...i loved the whole two-in-one aspect. does not always have a highlighter with them.

I didn't know that they came out with a pen-version. :)
When i see it in the a store, i'll probably buy one to try out. it would definately be useful, i'm just wondering how good of a pen it will be..i hate sucky pens.