Mead Wrist Reminders--Would you wear one?

These were out at Office Depot last week:


I'd feel strange wearing one, but maybe hooked to my purse strap it might grow on me.

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Kind of like having a note pinned to your shirt in Kindergarten

The idea of putting one on a purse strap is interesting. Otherwise, I think it would be both uncomfortable and impractical. I don't think writing on my wrist would be easy. But on the otherhand, I'd never leave this on a counter or (worse) on top of my car when I drive off. I've done both those things with my day planner and my hipster. :o)

Nanette Andrusiak

Timex Ironman Datlink - the perfect personal wrist reminder

Tried to post this yesterday, but my post got lost :o(

I have had versions of this watch for years. Current version still be bought on the web/ebay, but not through Timex (rumours hint Timex are designing a replacement).

The watch can be connected to via USB to a computer, or can be added to manually. It is completely configurable. You can have up to 200 alarms - too much? I use about 25 just now. It also syncs with MS Outlook, and can download names/phone, appointments, etc.

I have planners, cell phone, and a Blackberry. But I can always (and do) put them down somewhere, and don't have them when I *need* them. But I always have my watch on to remind me of meetings, movies to watch on TV, etc. My most treasured alarm was to remind me to *leave* work to pick up the kids. There is also a Yahoo Group for this watch, with great developers who write apps (games, calorie counter, weather forecast, and dozens more).

It's really a great part of my organizing challenge, serves a really crucial purpose for me.

Check it out.

PS Sort of funny story. The Yahoo group, I think, has a Timex staffer. Some guys were wondering where to get replacement straps, so the timex guy posted a 800 number. The woman on the line just said "Oh, you on the yahoo group?". The number had been so infrequently used for years, and suddenly it was ringing off the hook. She asked me which strap I wanted: the rubber, velcro or metal. I said "All 3". She just laughed!

Timex ... Is there an IronWoman???

Does the watch have countdown timers? I really like being able to set a countdown timer for exercising, cooking, etc. Used to have a cheap Casio that had a variety of countdown timers that were easy to set--1 min, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30, I think--very useful.

Ok, never mind -- I googled it and apparently you can have up to 200 countdown timers! How easy are they to set? I'm beginning to want to go out and get one, but it's hard to tell how easy it is to set timers etc without purchasing it.

Anyway,is there a smallish one for women? It sounds like a good concept. And helpful for those of us with ADD etc. Maybe I could take off the band from a men's watch and put it on a neck strap.

Regrettably, no IronWoman

Regrettably, no IronWoman Datalink. My wife could really do with a watch like mine, but she won't wear it.

The countdown timers are completely configurable, and easy to set. I used them when my kids were small "5 mins to bed". They would click the button to start, and then when the alarm goes off, off they would go to bed. It wasn't me telling - the watch told them!

On timers, I once watched those 2/4/6/8 min Abs videos - it was one type of crunch after another, every 45 secs. So I have a recurrant 45 sec timer that beeps at me, then starts going again. I (used to!) do the crunch..etc.

And, you can also load different sound schemes. If you like high, med, low pitch they are all there. The Yahoo group even has custom sounds. There is a 007 Bond theme alarm sound.

PS the strap and watch fitting is a little like 3 fingers that interlock. Not easy to put on other straps.

Maybe not me, but for my kids - YES !!

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I was raised Roman Catholic.

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Signing it would be difficult

Interesting idea but not practical for me. Would get in the way while working (even my spectacles have been seen to fly off as I wave my hands about) and be highly distracting for my deaf clients with whom I communicate.

Reminders to Self

On occasion I will put a note band like this on my pocketbook or tote bag but only when it's important enough to warrant feeling a little silly.

Of course if my "Trusted System" were more trustworthy then I wouldn't need to do this at all.

How About an Arm-Mounted Index Card Scabbard

If you would wear a wrist reminder, would you go so far as this?
Arm-Mounted Index Card Scabbard


Can't type...*gasp*...laughing too hard....


I might wear it if I had a injury ... or if my tendonitis got real bad and carrying stuff hurt. Like a shopping list or something of that nature.

It reminds me of a medical bracelet ... like when you are admitted. I have a few of those in my memory box. :)

If I had long sleeves on I would consider wearing them more often :)

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Looks like a hospital

Looks like a hospital identification bracelet.
I've worn way too many of those in the last few years. Then again, folks may think I just forgot to take it off!

Mead Wrist Reminders

I would wear one of these in a quick minute if it fit my rather substantial wrist, but I am mainly interested in getting some for my mom who has short term memory loss. What would people think? Who cares? Ditto on the hospital bracelets, though, I've worn enough of those things.

John Norris had this idea

John Norris had this idea July of 2006!!! He calls them mission bands, and you can download them for free and print on whatever paper your heart desires!


I am a state licensed childcare provider. I love wrist reminders. I use them on the children when they are running low on diapers or parents need to bring a change of clothes. The kids love them too, they think they are special because of their bracelet!

No it's overkill

No, I don't and wouldn't use it. I find pockets to be more than sufficient to hold notes I can consult at any time of the day.

Yes, I know some people don't wear clothing with pockets - I say - reform the fashion industry!! Pockets for everyone.

Also I have some personal quirks, I dislike jewelry and anything worn on my skin of that sort (I barely tolerate a watch). And, as one poster noted, this resembles a hospital bracelet, a object I have come to utterly despise.

Mead Wrist Reminders

I wear them proudly. Well, may be not proudly, but I'm sure not embarrassed by them. I found them at Big Lots way cheap and bought about 10 books. On my wrist, they don't get lost and they do the job of reminding me to put postage stamps in my purse or any number of little things that are easily forgotten. I used to put notes in my cigarette package because I knew I'd see them every time I had a cigarette. Now that I quit smoking, these are a big help.

Wrist Reminder Band

Nope, wouldn't wear one. I keep notes and to-do lists on index cards. If I have something I absolutely have to do at a certain time, I set the alarm on my cell phone. If it's a reminder that doesn't require a specific time, I simply put my wristwatch on my other wrist. I don't look like I've escaped from the home and I'm late for my medication and it bothers me enough to help me remember what I need to do--even if it's just check the list.


Too much like a hospital bracelet. I've had enough hospitalization and surgery for two lifetimes so I don't need the reminded of that. I use to-do lists, index cards, I have a large chalk board beside the front door and when in a crunch, I use the snazy "writing stuff on the back of my left hand" technique.

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I love those!

I am proud to admit that I love me some wrist reminders! I remember stumbling upon them while making a run at Office Depot. I've never been one to be afraid to try silly things (I used to spontaneously wear spurs to school...and uh, dressed in an authentic 1700s get-up for prom, powdered wig and all!) so I picked them up eagerly. I'm extremely forgetful, so I wore the wrist reminders religiously for about a month. I'm telling you, they saved my can on more than one occasion. And to be honest I received more compliments than scorn. Most people thought they were really neat. I'm looking to get a new stockpile soon!

In two cases

State hospital patient on the loose, or football quarterback checking his plays in the huddle.

I can see it for people with memory problems

I know two people with Alzheimer's, and I can see this being useful for them.

But as for me, I'm happy to keep writing on my hand. If I lose my hand, then I've got much bigger problems than forgetting whatever it was that I wrote on the slip of paper.

I prefer the Memento method

If it's important enough to remember, it's important enough to tattoo. ;)

Wrist reminders

Ok, I first bought a pad of these as a joke for my Dad. Backstory is that he brought my 1-year old niece to a church event and he wrote "If found please call..." on her wrist just in case she wandered off. I saw these bands and thought he could use them. I forgot to send them to him, but have found a new use. My son's sitter requires name, date, amount, etc on his bottles. These bands will be great since I will not need to affix tape directly to the bottle and deal with the adhesive sticking to the side.

Wrong, wrong, wrong....

I'd rather forget something thanks..........

discharged or escaped?

If I saw someone wearing one of these, my first thought would be that they walked out of the neighborhood hospital, and possibly they weren't supposed to! :-)

(meaning no disrespect... having worn those things a few times in the post-op ward myself.)


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But they will never catch me !

I'm too clever for them and their butterfly nets


"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)