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I'm a planner/pda user from way back. I've used Day Runner, Day Timer, Time Design, and Franklin Covey. I recently discovered the D*I*Y Planner website and it's the best site I've found on the Internet ever!! I only wish I'd found this site sooner.

When I was using Time Design, they had this great fold-out sheet that served to capture all of a person's
"To Dos" and eliminated having to re-write uncompleted tasks onto the next daily page. Time Design's fold out sheet extended a half sheet beyond the normal classic page. The previous daily pages would fold into the inside of the foldout sheet so that the task list (to dos) are always visible. Is there something similar on DIY? I made the attached template as a 2-up Master Task List that should be printed on both sides of a sheet of paper and then cut right down the middle. What I'd eventually like to do is make this into a foldout sheet but I need to figure out measurements and positioning. I would really like some constructive suggestions for making this template into a foldout sheet. I used OpenOffice to create this form and then saved it as a pdf file. This is my first time creating a template...any advice and tips would be great.



Master Task List centered 2-Page.pdf36.56 KB
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I did a quick print out on one of my precious 8.5x11 sheets, and folded it, and then punched it on one of the short margins, and then trimmed off the "fat" from the other margin, and it looks like it should work fine in its current incarnation. The only trick, I believe, and I don't see how you trim these things as they are, is that you really ought to have at least a quarter inch between the two halves. It looks like a couple mm or 1/16th of an inch currently, and that's just too small for most inkjets (and papers) to get you enough space to make sure you don't cut something off. In fact, you may have more comfort leaving a quarter inch on each side, meaning a 1/2" gutter between the two halves. Yes, that does cut down on your writing space a bit, but it's tight as it is--usable, but tight. Let's see if I can throw a photo up somewhere to show you what I mean...

Here ya go. It's up on Flickr at this LINK.


Thanks for your feedback Jon!!

Hey ~ thanks for the feedback Jon. I was anxious to hear from a more seasoned DIY planner user and get some opinions and advice on the template I made. This was my first post and template submission. My intent was to use the full sheet in the landscape position, hole punch one side on one of the short ends of the sheet of paper and fold the sheet over towards the binder rings. I'm hooked on this DIY website...everyone's so passionate about paper planners and organization. I wish I'd found this site sooner.

I will take your advice and do 1/4 inch margin all the way around both halves (maybe a little more to accommodate the binder rings) with a 1/2 inch gutter in between the two half-sheets. I'm so inspired. The planner forms are starting to develop in my brain and I'm coming up with more ideas for customized forms that I can really use at work to track my cases...I downloaded OpenOffice - that's an awesome little program and what's more incredible is that it is FREE! The more I learn about how to use OpenOffice draw, the more ideas develop. I've read other people have used OpenOffice write to develop templates...haven't tried that yet.

Thanks for being the first to give me feedback. I also signed up for a Flickr account...that's cool too. Thanks again.


Inserting thumbnails and links

Hi Jon, forgot to ask you a couple of questions. How do you insert a thumbnail(s) of a template and how do you insert a hyperlink? Thanks.

imma buttin in... lookout :)

You have to submit it as a template. I believe clicking "Create Content" will allow you to do so... there will be options to include a thumbnail and other jazzy stuff :)

Hyperlinks are done through classic html.
Only without the _'s will allow you to do so :)

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