I suppose...

I should introduce myself!

Hi, I'm Thomas and I'm a paper-holic. =) Seriously, I switched about 3 years ago back to paper and I haven't looked back. I found the site almost a year ago in my quest to find a 2007 calendar for my planner as I wanted to get my vacation on there (Work is something I do between vacations!)

Anyway, since I found the site a year ago, I've used a hipster and a moleskine while not being satisfied. I picked up a Myndology notebook to see if I'd like it and so far, it's good, although I need to work on it tonight.

I'm a website coordinator in my day job, my fun / vacation job is at the #2 Coffee and Specialty Drink Retailer in the country. My favorite vacation destination is Walt Disney World and my favorite pen is a fountain pen I picked up once while on vacation there.

Anyway, thanks for the boards and all the hard work. I figured it was finally time to unlurk!

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Welcome to the unlurkers club! ;P

So what size moleskine do you prefer? also, what style?

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