Hokey Idea: quasi daily productivity quotations or para-phrases

Would anybody else be interested in seeing motivational and inspirational productivity quotations or philosophical catch phrases posted by individual members?

I don't think a special forum would be necessary. Perhaps they could simply be posted under "General Discussion" if we could come up with a subject heading format which could include the date of submission and the productivity guru's name.

Subject: 4/10/07 Quotation - Alan Lakein

“What is the best use of my time right now?” Alan Lakein – How To Get Control of Your Time and Your Life

I think this could be a quick and casual way to introduce different productivity systems and perhaps give an occasional inspirational boost.

I envision keeping it loose. Perhaps you'd see no quotes on one day and several the next.

Just a thought.

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Go for it!

I love your idea, Cath. So many books have been read and mentioned by the various contributors here that I'm sure many folks could contribute.

Don't be shy!

Great idea. they could even

Great idea. they could even be collected and put into DIY Planner format for printing. I like the idea of forum members coming up with the quotes. Should they be a tiny 'news' story or have a dedicated piece of screen real estate?

Just put 'em here!

hould they be a tiny 'news' story or have a dedicated piece of screen real estate?

Why not just start by putting them here in the comments?

Maybe once in a while, somebody could gather them together, and start a new topic with the accumulation in the body, and new ones in the comments...



I hadn't really thought it all the way through but what I pictured was a series of ongoing brief stand alone threads, that may or may not elicit comments/replies.

If that's what were to develope then having some sort of prescribed "format" for the subject heading would make it fairly easy to search using a key word from the format: e.g.: "Quotation"

But if I understand correctly, someone else seems to suggest one ongoing thread, which would probably be easier to track. If that's what winds up happening I would encourage anyone posting to begin with the quotation, so that it is prominent and easy to skim.

While any subsequent commentary and discussion is potentially helpful I think it would be nice for anyone looking for a quick motivational or inspirational hit to be able to skim quickly and easily through the postings for the quotes themselves.

Quotation: Brian Tracy - The Law of Forced Efficiency.

The Law of Forced Efficiency - This law says that, 'There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.'
Brian Tracy

Note, I discovered Brian Tracy after checking out Timesystem's Dayplanner, "Time/Design". Someone here said David Allen used their Dayplanner at one time and I later learned that he was actually a partner there once. If you check out their "Books/Software" tab on their website you'll see some of Tracy's materials there.

I hope this will get the ball rolling on a "Quotations" thread.

Perhaps someone could post a GTD or FTF quote tomorrow ... or Monday ... whatever.