Back from Beantown

I am finally back from Boston (came back Sunday, but was stopped in my tracks by a fibromyalgia flare up). So now that the fog in my brain has lifted, I can report on my Levenger shopping.

First off: There are several paper stores at Pru, so I visited them all. I was happy to visit Crane & Co Papers. There have very nice stuff, but a lot of their stuff is very "girly", but I'm not girly in the least, so I did not buy anything. I also went to Papyrus and was very disappointed. They sell Crane & Co stuff (?). I then visited Franlkin/Covey and was blown away by their bags. Man! I want one of those bags, but I only had a 200U$ budget so I kept it all for Levenger.

OMFG! What a wonderful store! I was in heaven! I actually went three times over the course of my stay in Boston. There are things I wanted but did not buy, such as their Boston Public Library Book bag (54U$), or basically every single bag they had. But I stayed strong.

What I did buy:

• 500 Nonpersonalized 3x5 Cards - White Grid (so very soft)
• 22 Circa Rings 1/2 inch Black Standard
• Circa PDA Notebook Sampler cards (meh, diyplanner templates are better)
• Circa PDA Notebook tab dividers, soft color
• Circa Notebook plastic tab dividers, Multicolor, Junior size (on sale and much nicer than the soft color ones)
• Set of 2 translucent Circa Covers, Junior size
• Circa soft color Pocket dividers, Junior size
• Circa starter kit, Junior size
• Circa page finder, Junior size
• Booksuits (set of 3) - Multicolor (on sale, sweet)
• Circa Leather Foldover Notebook, Junior size, black (unfreekinbelievably soft leather)
• 3 x 5 File Folders (set of 15) - Multicolor (on sale and much nicer than the soft color ones)

On top of that, both myself and my pal Gillian got a sample personalized notebook in junior size. Very sweet. We took our conference notes in them. Shiny!

My next Levenger buy will be the upcoming Circa PDA Leather foldover in Grapemist, of which Ryan posted a pic on his Flickr account. My friend who lives in DC will run by Columbus Square when they come out and mail one out to me. Much cheeper than ordering directly from them.

I'll put pics of all my new stuff in action soon on my Flickr account.

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Nice Assortment

I am mighty envious of your Levenger Store experience. I have never been to the hallowed halls of Levenger, but I imagine it must be an awe-inspiring experience. It looks like you got yourself quite an array of goodies.



Since I've been planning for this trip for three months, it was well worth the wait. Except that all my discretionary money has been blown for the next three months.

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

circa tabbed dividers

That's quite the shopping spree! Looks like you got some great stuff. Would you mind elaborating a little more on the Junior size multicolor vs. soft color? I bought the Junior size tabbed multicolor dividers on sale and got the soft color pocket dividers in Junior size. I've read the soft color dividers are a little thinner so they take up less room and are more flexible. But the soft colors seem extremely muted. But I guess that's the point?


Tabbed dividers

The circa multicolor dividers are the earlier generation of dividers so they are not exactly classic size. My understanding that all the products in junior size that are not 5.5x8.5 are being phased out. I can't tell if they are thicker than the soft color because I did not look at the soft color ones at all. They are slightly thicker than the white dividers, which came with the starter kit. The latter are exactly classic size. The soft color pockets are indeed muted. I don't like it as much as the brighter colors. To me, they look a little too much like dirty plastic.

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

The pics at last

On Flickr

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs