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Compose music on your Hipster PDA

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Index Card (3 x 5)
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Inspired by John Norris' Hipster PDA forms, Pete Phillips contributed this handy Hipster PDA form for jotting down musical notes.

Nine staves give you plenty of room to compose your next masterpiece, and there's even a bit of space to write down lyrics for your next catchy tune. You can also write guitar chords above the lines.

Far out tip: write down a few songs and laminate the cards. Then you can hit the right notes when you're yodeling in the bathroom! ;)

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This is Great!

It's like the Hipster PDA "iPod Edition!" Will it work with iTunes?



Really great!

I think it is more suited for synchronization with Garageband ;-)


Good Point...

You're right - I'm just so excited about the idea of bringing music with you on your HipsterPDA!


Great idea

Great idea

Short songs

Very cool, very clever idea. ONly problem is you have to write fairly short songs:P Got a version for the full size planner?


Nicely done!

If the truth be told, I'm not really a musician. What I really need is a tabulature type page for harmonicas.

thx for the mention-

New Hipster PDA Templates

Creating the Music Manuscript template inspired me to make a few more cards with Scribus to scratch my particular itch. They are on my newly created blog at:

As well as the manuscript there is a two column Next Actions grid, and a TV/Radio scheduling grid. I have also made the Scribus files available, so you can roll your own as well.