Your Planner... Dream a bit.

I've been working on a Classic size "home base" planner. It occurred to me that many of the things I want to include haven't been created yet (template wise) or are out of my reach financially speaking.

I've taken some time off from reality lately... It sounds odd but sometimes I need a mental break from the daily grind. My favorite way of escaping is by daydreaming. I'm asking for yall to give it a go.

If you could have any tool, anolog or digital or combo, regardless of cost or existance... what would you choose for your ULTIMATE Planner Package? How do you think it would help you achieve a more organized life?

((It never hurts to dream about what could be some day or what you wish could be ;P))

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How tough is it...? create a template ?

I find it very easy to make one. I just have not had any original ideas.

How 'bout this: Tell me what you want and I'll try to create it for you.

Your option to do this online, in this thread, or offline. We can definitely share the end results of such a collaboration with the group.
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not hard

I have the means to do it... the ideas to fuel it... and all I need now is the time to sit down and throw it all together in Illustrator.

Templates aren't the only thing I'm talking about... more like just one piece of the puzzle.

For me... I would love to have a part digital, part analog system. Like a pda and planner combo package. That way, info like contacts and calendar items could be kept in sync and the paper stuff I adore keeping would be right along side. Financially I can't achieve this now... so I just daydream ... :)

Isn't there something that you don't have that you wish you had to help your organization skyrocket? :)

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Time. What I wish I had was time.

My older son is now officially a Teenager (13) and he is very high maintenance due to a combination of ADHD and Asberger's Syndrome.

I keep asking the pediatrician for that buffalo tranquilizer prescription... :)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

My Ultimate System

I want to do the planning, and have someone else tackle the "doing".



Right now, what I really want is a working printer. My current one seems to jam every time I try to use it, no matter how many times I check for blockages.

As far as tools... I think what I really need is to mind-map my current goals so I can break them down into tasks I can do TODAY instead of just vaguely planning things as I go. Now that I'm thinking about it, perhaps I'll do that tonight after work. I have a lot of time at the moment, because I work part-time and I'm not in school this term. Six weeks from now, when Summer Term starts, I'll be swamped, so I need to make plans now and prepare for when things get busy.

(I can't plan too much, though. Every time I make myself a daily schedule I freak out over it and don't keep to it. Sigh.)

i feel ya

I have a lot going on in my life now... decisions to make. I need to start looking forward and stop with my "one day at a time" approach. That is on my list of things to do. I have the time but it is a scary thing ... planning and thinking about where you would like to be.

Do you find scheduling your day helps? I used to map out my days, from morning through bed... leaving some chunks of time with options. I read GTD and adopted the Next Action list approach. I'm really torn on what to do... Lately I seem to procrastinate and just spend too much time debating on what to do.

Anyone have advice on what I can do to remedy this? :) ((lol fix me!))

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Basically I'm trying to find a way to do a little of everything every day. School is important to me. My job is important. Exercise and spirituality are the two areas I need to come up with a plan for. But every time I try, I fail.

Attempt #1: A daily schedule. "Exercise" and "meditate" were both scheduled for their own blocks of time. I scheduled them in the morning, so I'd wind up waking up with my alarm, going "f--- that!" and going back to sleep. Then I'd ignore the entire day's schedule, since I'd gotten off on the wrong foot anyway.

Attempt #2: To-do list. I like having to-do lists. Checking things off makes me happy. But I kept postponing exercise and meditation.

Basically, I need to find some forms of exercise and meditation that I can actually do, given that I don't really want to do either and have no self-discipline. Morning walks could accomplish both, in theory, but the idea of waking up and immediately doing anything besides sip tea and check email makes me want to hide under the covers.

Hmmm. There are lots of books on productivity. Anybody know of a book on self-discipline? :)

Sounds like you could use....

The Emergent Time Planner!

(I can't plan too much, though. Every time I make myself a daily schedule I freak out over it and don't keep to it. Sigh.)

David Sea's ETP from the Printable CEO Series has been a major boon to my productivity. I also tend to get "headlight freeze" if I try to "organize" my day too much. However, the ETP has really helped with that. It helps me keep my tasks to a reasonable number as well as quantitize what I've actually spent, time-wise. Not only that, but because of the 15 minute marks, I have both reminders of time passing, as well as incentives to keep going. I use either his Flash Emergent Time Tasker program to chime off the quarter hours, or my Palm. I find it's actually been a great stress- reliever. If you want pointers on how I use it, just ask. ;-)

oh, urls:
Emergent Task Planner
Printable CEO Series page
Emergent Task Timing Article

You may prefer the Emergent Task Timer, as it's a bit less structured (you don't try to pre-plan your hours--you just mark what you _do_, not what you _plan_--But I find that adding some structure to my day helps me focus, and ignore non-essentials. Besides, I like the box in the lower-right of the ETP for a convenient "inbox" for phone calls, and my to-do task list, for things that are quick tasks, not project-related.

Have fun!


Thank you!

I'll print off a couple of forms (from work, where there's a functional printer) and see how they work for me. Thanks!

Do you sew?

Hi, Sara,

Do you sew? If you do, I think it would be pretty easy to work up a pattern (esp. if you start from an old Daytimer binder or something similar). A Circa notebook could slip into one side and the other could have whatever pockets you like.

For me, such a folio would have:

- a pocket on the front for a pda
- two or three pens slots (pen, plus pencil, plus highlighter), most likely also on the front (since I'm bulking it out already with the pda)
- inside left would have a small zipper pocket for clips and such, and maybe staggered slots for 3 x 5 cards, plus a large pocket to slip loose papers into
- inside right would have a pocket to slip a Circa notebook into, plus maybe a pocket underneath for a cash or credit card stash or something like that

I'd make it thick enough to hold a larger-disk notebook and this would probably be in Junior/Classic size since that's the size I usually take with me when I go out. I keep a lot of info in my letter-sized Circas, but they are usually stay-at-homes. :::grin:::

All that, and it's just to hold the Circa notebook. lol

Best tool


Once I thought about a tablet PC that's actually something in between a laptop size and a PDA size.

I like my PDA but the screen is too small, the graffiti is too slow and restrictive..

I'd like something thin, like those data boards they had on Star Trek. Not too big, not too small. It should be a full fledged PC, but it doesn't have to have a physical keyboard necessarily. I was fine with the folding keyboard for my m130, the PDA just wasn't fast enough to keep up with it.

Anyway, a pen or finger interface, email, browsing (or maybe not), docs and spreadsheets..

Now though, I'm not so sure. I still like the idea of a tablet PC, but I also like the idea of speaking/dictating to a gadget and having it type. And I'm growing more and more blind, so a nice big display is important to me now. The paper system I have right now is working--it doesn't itch at the moment, remarkably. It's small and light and portable and it's made exactly to my requirements.

My problem now is that there are still some things falling through the cracks--actually the joints between personal and work. When personal stuff is going well, work suffers. When work is going well, personal suffers. Until I figure out how to close the gaps, the best tool in the world isn't going to help. :)



I fear my ideal planner has a lot to do with the "bag of holding" being discussed elsewhere in these forums. I need, need, need lots of stuff. If I sit somewhere for more than an hour, I somehow wind up surrounded by piles of stuff. I think my ideal planner would be a folding table which I could carry everywhere. When I set it up it would have stacks of paper, piles of books, several notebooks, pens, pencils, and drawers of office supplies. I like to spread things out and move things around when I'm thinking or planning. The more space the better. I don't tend to have much of a home base. I have an office both at work and at home, but I don't spend much time in either, so I carry all my stuff with me. My current planner is down from three "books" to two (a moleskeine and a circa PDA), but it would definitely get larger if I had a bag of holding.

Lisa PT

I Hear Ya...

Lisa PT,
I hear your plaint. I seem to have more and more going on, that I need on hand. Currently, I carry a LV Portable Office, a pocket line Moleskine, an old Altoids tin with extra ink, usb keys, etc. Plus what ever book(s) I need at a given time. So, my ideal involves a bag, currently a 10+ year old leather bag that's starting to fall apart. The only thing I may change is to cut the Harvard Elite Planner off of it's spiral binding and circa punch it. That would give me more flexibility, the way I could best use it, to link actions to plans, etc.

-- Coffee and Books, the pleasures of life

Day-Timer Paper

If Day-Timer would just offer their paper - the type that's made to "snap" into the wirebound pocket-size notebooks - in whole packages (instead of just the few sheets that come with the yearly set), I would be set!

Be blessed!
~Rachel <><

My Dream Planner

Well i will start with a
Bomber Leather Circa Fold-over notebook in every size (except compact)

that new leather backpack from levenger, thats NICE!!!! but i dont have $300 just sitting around sadly. :(

I also want a nice looking and feeling pen that will record everything i write in my own handwriting, and transfer it to my mac as a digital back up. i want a digital record of everything in my own handwriting. that would be awesome.