A different sort of template

I'll throw this out to see if anyone gains inspiration from it:

I've been actively watching the development of the DIY planner in its various forms while developing my own (I do them in Wordperfect) ... at some point I will try to do them in OO because I find the 'look' nicer, but my latest set was one of those whack in the side of the head things ... instead of trying to fit things into a 4up or 2up 1up configuration for printing on index cards, I just divided the page into eight and printed on card stock (which is actually cheaper than index cards). The cards themselves are obviously smaller, but using them these past couple weeks just means there's less waste.

The cards are meant to replace my daybook and provide me with an easy way (next year) to check the sequence of classes I taught. So I have a template for each day of the week with eight cards; e.g., my Monday template has

1. Morning Routine (which has various check thingies for me to do when I'm at the computer lab, at the photocopier, to remind me to collect various things at the start of the day, remind me of yard duty, etc. [this one is one every template]

2. Bellwork/Religion - the second period of the day [on my monday - wednesday templates]

3. Math [double period ... it has lots of lines for things like 'take up' 'check' 'note' (i.e. a note the students will take down) 'quiz' 'collect' etc.

4 and 5. Science (there are four versions of this, single period grade seven, double period grade seven, single eight, double eight ... spread out over the monday-thursday templates) ... it has lines similar to math but more science specific (e.g. 'lab') ... I teach a single period and a double period in a day, so there will be two of these

6. Checklist -- a checklist of student names with three checkboxes for when I check homework completion; I put three boxes because some days I check two pages in the textbook and a sheet as well

7. Reminders -- this is a simple list with checkboxes of things that I have to remember to tell students (or hand out to them) at the end of the day and/or post on our online homework board ... this sort of thing accumulates over the course of the day

8. Tonight ... a simple list with checkboxes of things I'm going to have to 'tonight' in preparation for tomorrow

... The other templates have variations ... the checklists change to reflect the different classes I teach, obviously ... my friday card has a 'this weekend' card instead of 'tonight'

I have an @contacts page which just has eight of the same card on them to print as needed.

But the important thing is they just print 8 up in landscape mode. I slice them on a paper cutter and during the day keep them in a folder type thing (I carry them around in my ductster when necessary ... the next project is to make a smaller ductster). Cardstock always seems to be available in large quantities at Staples for a cheap price (although sometimes in strange colours). Being able to print them on cardstock like this means I can print at home or at school (at home, I CAN print directly on index cards if I wanted; I can't at school). I suspect the template-hipster idea would really take off if folks didn't have to fiddle with printer settings etc.

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Another WordPerfect person!

Ah.... I'm a LONGTIME WP "fool" (since 2.0 or thereabouts - WAY before windows....) I'd love to see your setup for wordperfect....

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]


I just have the page in landscape mode and divide it into two rows and four columns. Margins top and bottom are .25; left and right are .18 and .29 respectively (I can't remember why, but there was a reason for that). I put a fine dotted line border around each card just for 'visual' purposes before cutting them up (I don't cut on the dotted line). Font is Tw Cen MT 10 ... I found I didn't really gain anything from going smaller. It gives me 26 or 27 lines on a card ...

Thanks -

I've noted your settings.... I think the dif between left and right was probably printer minimums (my current cheap Lexmark allows printing basically "marginless" but the last one was about what you have there). I'll give it a shot - sounds very usable!

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]