For love of books

I'm not sure if there is room for a movie review here, but last night I watched the "smartest dumbest" comedy I've seen. After reading the reviews for Idiocracy on Rotten Tomatoes I wasn't expecting very much (it rates a 68), but was very pleasantly surprised. Not to be watched with young children, but if you are tired of small or big time politics, or just need a stimulating mind break from studying for exams this may be the movie for you. A friend tells me this morning that it is a cult classic among geeks, but not so popular with the masses. Does this makes me a geek? Maybe so. Somehow I believe Jonathan Swift would have approved. I have a feeling the higher your IQ the more you will appreciate the humour, but perhaps this film just leaves you feeling "smarter", and with the desire to read more. I'm an artist by trade, but couldn't help suddenly feeling I've been wasting my talents as a genetic scientist.

"Don't stop painting Rita!"

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