What to do with my new toy...

This site is so bad for me. I don't post much but I really enjoy reading everybody's ideas and I'm constantly wanting to buy new organization tools. So bad for my wallet (which lately is a Franklin Covey task list wallet).

Anyway, I was at Staples today and I picked up one of their Buxton leather rope index card holders, basically a cheapie of the Levenger item. I thought I was going to pay 10 bucks for it but when they rang it up it was only $2.50. I was even good and asked to make sure. So yeah...definitely a good buy. The only problem is, I don't really know what I'm going to use it for. I'm hoping for suggestions from you all about how to best make use of it.

Maybe it would help to say a little about my current setup.

I keep most of my hipster cards in my task list wallet. I really don't use a lot of different cards. I have about three double sided weekly calendar cards, three contexts worth of NA, a waiting for, about five project cards at any given time, and five or six assorted lists and reference cards.

I also have a Buxton shirt pocket briefcase that I use for capture during staff/department meetings or if I have notes I need to take while teaching. I don't like the idea of pulling out my wallet in front of a room full of seventh graders.

That's about it. I probably didn't need to buy the leather rope at all really...but $2.50...come on. So I have it. Please help me figure out what to do with it. :)

Anyway...sorry if this is a newbish type question...I've been having loads of fun reading and trying out your ideas. Thanks in advance.


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Non-work Hipster

Hi Rob,
the Rope Index Card Holder sounds like a great find.

Have you considered having a Work Hipster and a Non-work Hipster?
You could use the index card holder to collect notes, ideas, mini-projects, etc for your personal life. Collecting those kind of ideas that all of us have but often don't capture, and only need to look at occasionally


Thanks for the idea. This is basically what I ended up doing. I have the leather rope set-up as a kind of project support hipster. Basing my idea from innowen's hipster that she wrote about a while back, I cut up some manilla folders to make little card folders. Each project gets its own folder. I've used highlighters to separate work projects, writing projects, and potential projects. I've also included a folder that has 6 months worth of monthly calendar cards and a folder for contacts.

The result is something that, while not pocketable, is easily small enough to fit in my messenger bag if I even need it. Most of the time I can just leave it on my desk as home or work. If I am going to need any of the project material when I go out without my bag, I can just pull it from the leather rope and stick it in my task wallet.

Overall I'm pretty pleased with the result. I definitely think I made a good buy considering I only paid a couple bucks for it.