Where to start with OpenOffice?

After I've downloaded it, what are good resources on OpenOffice, especially with regard to how people are using it to create/print templates etc?

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Widget kit


If you also download the widget kit, you will have all the basics needed to design a form using Draw--and the form will resemble the style of DIY official forms.

You can search on Mail Merge here on this site to find the instructions for how to set up your forms so you can print dated pages. You do this part *after* you have a form you want to use with preprinted dates.

You can also download any of the templates that have been posted with "ODG" files or "ODT" files. These will be the OpenOffice originals of the posted forms. So you can then tweak the form to suit yourself.

All of these things will get you started, but they won't tell you the tips and tricks necessarily. Anyone else have some 'tips and tricks' sites?


openoffice fun

Sorry I don't have time this monday morn to pick out the gems... but I offer you this LINK that has many potential beauties.

Looks like there are a few specifically for tips and tricks.

Hope this helps! :o)

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