Confessions of a Gel Pen Addict

massive pen collection All my writing books, creativity books and journalling books start off the same, "Get yourself a blank book and good pen that makes you happy and WANT to write." The idea behind this is that if you get a book and pen you like, that you'll be compelled to write often with the item you purchased. While it seems a bit capitalistic, I have to agree. As a matter of fact, I am making a public confession. I am addicted to gel pens. Gel pens are my ultimate writer's tool.

It's a horrible addiction I tell you. I write on black paper, with shiny colored pens. My favorite colors include blue and purple and green. The brighter the color, the more neon it can be, the better the ink shows up on the black paper. I'm such a color snob that I remove all the reds and pinks and take those into work. I write notes with those and annoy my coworkers with them as they get stunningly bright, on the white paper, under the fluorescent lights.

I even like gel pens with glitter. Which goes against my Gothy nature. And actually glittered pens work better sometimes. But, the type of gel pen that I love most isn't dependent on glitter or color or packaging. It all boils down to just one thing, the brand. Every trip to the grocery store, every trip to Craft Warehouse or Office Max, is not complete unless I can track down new sources of pens. It's been my quest, for several years now, to find the best, quality and price, set of pens. So far the best pens I have in my collection are Yasutomo Gel Xtreme brand. Stores that sell them make me the happiest girl ever. And I buy the packs in bulk, sometimes decimating the stock in seconds. If they don't, I scowl and am forced to look at the alternative offerings. They work awesome on both white and black paper and they seem to last the longest. The worst of the bunch, so far, are the Metallic Gel Ink pens by Pentel. They hardly show up on black paper and when they do, the color is all washy and you can barely read what is written.

Flying Colors came out with a pack they claim could be used as crayons for coloring in wide spaces. Even though I had already spent $20 on a case of 40 pens made by Geddes (picked up at Fred Meyers) I had to get them. What if they were the best and I didn't get them before they decided to discontinue the brand? As soon as I returned home, I ripped open the fancy plastic lid and started playing with them. They're okay. But they've got the great Crayola tradition of having fun names for all the colors. Colors with fun names like, "electric orange" and "glitter copper" or "plum".

I took the pens with me to one of the weekend artist play days I occasionally go to. The coloring gels were a hit. Everyone wanted to use them. They'd look at the name of the color and then try and explain why they chose it or how the color represented the mood they were in for the day.

The idea of playing with the pens and making them a part of my writing ritual and daily moods, lead me to start switching between colors in writing in my journals. It also gave me the freedom to play with the pens. Playing with colored words then lead me to draw abstract pictures that then became my first attempts at making art journals where I'd draw out an entry, rather than use words to describe what I was doing or how I was feeling. This has expanded my ability to write and draw and be more creative.

While playing with the Flying Colors brand were fun and the ink best suited for coloring in large spaces, they really cannot top my Gel Xtreme pens. I hope that Yasutomo never stops making this line. They've been a part of my writing ritual for years now. Without my pens, things wouldn't be the same and I'd probably be writing less. So, heed the wise words of the writing books and go out and explore what pens turn on your flair for the dramatic and artistic.

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Coloured inks

Interesting article. My girls would love all the pens that you describe, as they have a thing about brightly coloured gel pens too. While i don't share their enthusiasm, I do have a soft spot for coloured inks. I would love (but don't have) a selection of different coloured inks, but unfortunately this would mean a different fountain pen for each of them, and of course I'd want a decent quality fountain pen ... well, you can see how that could quickly get out of hand.

Me, I'm very much looking forward to seeing the new Pilot G2 mini pens that I saw mentioned somewhere the other day. I don't think they're available here in the UK yet, but when they are, I want a couple.
Neal |

Try "old fashioned" dip pens

You can get a nib holder in various materials, from art supply stores and some gift shops - or online at Flax Art or Michaels or others. Then you can buy a bunch of nibs for them, and inks....

I have a whole box of dip pens, nib holders and nibs, etc. from when my mother was in school (um.... this would be in the mid to late 30s). I still use them.... the inks I love the most are from Levenger, come in six-packs of nifty colors and are NOT inexpensive. But they are - luxurious, and the colors are relatively fade proof.

I love gel pens too though!

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]

Plenty of other inks, too

Bottles of ink can last a long time. For other ink options, try Noodler's Ink or Private Reserve.

Or, for an overview, buy Greg Clark's Ink Sampler book. Actual samples of over 350 inks, swabbed on paper.

-- flexiblefine

G2 Minis in the UK

Cult Pens (UK pen supplier) have them, though they do say they're low on stock and out of some colours.

Any gel fans in the UK will enjoy a poke around their site.

(Oh, and if nobody minds me plugging my own site, we have a pens section too.)
Michael Randall

Your picture inspires me with severe gel pen lust!

Even though I stick to white papers, I also love using colored gel pens. My current favorite is the 'Sarasa' by Zebra. Retractable, so none of those little caps that I usually end up dropping on the floor. They have a 10-pack of assorted colors and every color is highly visible on white paper -- very rare! Cheap and available at every Staples, btw, around $10.

I've never had luck with the metallic gels, though. Little flakes of metal rub off the lines and writing and get smeared everywhere. Or is that 'glitter' and 'metallic' is different?

Anyway, I'm all for your basic point: why not indulge yourself? If a special pen makes you happy, more productive, more likely to use your organizing tools, whatever...Go for it!

Heck, maybe your accounting staff will *like* getting your expense account in strawberry-berry scented glow-in-the-dark neon pink. :)

Yep! I have a set of those

Yep! I have a set of those too... I didn't mention them because I haven't tested how well the work on off white papers.

I think it depends on what brand you have. The Y&C ones don't flake off their glitter. They write supurbly until the ink runs out. In the picture above, the big box contains 100 gel pens. Some with glitter, some metallic (the shiny style without glitter), some smelly... which can be a boon or not. I got it because I wanted to see all the different colors and what I could do with them in my journals. :-)

Not too hip on the scented ones... but I love writing with the neon ones on black post-its. Guaranteed to get your message noticed and the action step done.

The people who cant write a

The people who cant write a word except wiith a $30 fountain pen are surely horrified by your confesssion...:-)

I will come out of the closet! i write & draw with colored gel pens, too!
Thanks for the suggestions with regard to to the brands! I'll try 'em both!

Pens vs. pens

I use a good fountain pen whenever there's one at hand, which is often, since I collect them (for USE, not show or value); some are expensive and some are cheap. Many write wonderfully well.

But if gel pens are what ignites the creative spark, then gel pens are the answer!

Ingmar Bergman writes all his screenplays with a broad-tipped ball-point pen on special yellow pads he had made for him quite some time ago. In an interview he remarked wryly that he was almost out of the pads....

If a ball-point is good enough for Mr. Bergman, I'm not about to say the fountain pen is supreme. It's just a choice like any other.

Maybe I'll go out and pick up some gels tomorrow: I live near a store that sells Yasutomo!

Where the heck to you get

Where the heck to you get *black* post-it notes?

With work it's best to just start.

At some store....

Yanno... I can't recall where I got them. It was either at a specialty paper store where they have lots of black paper in bulk or at the grocery store. I got them awhile ago and haven't run out yet.

Just tried a google search for them and haven't turned anything up. If I DO find a site with them available for purchase, I'll post it here.


Odd-color paper

The mention of black sticky notes brings to mind an experiment I did recently. I bind my own blank books, usually nowadays with Coptic stitching because the pages lie perfectly flat and the stitching is pretty, too.

For one book, I used acid-free 24-pound copier paper that I immersed in Rit "cocoa" color dye. (Note: If you try this, use rubber gloves!) To my astonishment, I like writing on the oddly mottled and sometimes very dark paper, with fountain pens yet. Somehow the soaking altered the texture of the paper for the better, and the feeling of the ink gliding on the paper is different from on the plain white paper, and very pleasant.

I used this darkish, brownish paper to make a dream log book.

Those elusive black Post-Its

I'm sitting here looking at the remainder of a set of black 3x3 Post-It notes and, like you, I just can't remember where I got them. What I do know is that I've searched in vain for them -- for myself, for my girls and for people in the office who've received silver-on-black notes from me, asking where they can get them. (By the way, it's a wonderful way of getting attention!)
I've tried the obvious sources -- the big online office supply places and local stores (Target, Walmart, stationary stores). I've also tried art stores (Aaron Brothers, MonMart). All in vain. Most of the clerks I've talked to say they've never seen them. If I weren't looking at them (and they're definitely Post-It brand sticky notes), I'd wonder if I was imagining the whole thing.
Anyway, I will continue the search and if anyone else finds them, please share the source! Thanks.

Midnight Shades of Black...

I think you are looking for Midnight Shades Black Post-it Notes (5533) As far as I am aware they are still available in the USA, I have asked my girlfriend to smuggle some back with her ;) 3M's American telephone no. is 1-888-3643577 if you want to ring them.

Usual disclaimer: I don't work for 3M but I am open to bribes :P

Occasionally, Walmart....

I picked some up a while back locally at wally-world, that day they also had the yummiest shades of plum, cherry, and teal....

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]

Odd Color Post-Its

Hi Folks,

I have seen the black and other dark colors of Post-It notes at my local Aaron Brothers, with a display of Metallic Gel Pens (No connection with the place, etc...)


black post it notes and other black pads

Hi, I was searching frantically for more black paper as I have a gel pen addiction as well, I was having ABSOLUTELY no luck at all until I happened upon this site. They have the bound notebook, post its, bound journals, everything you could want in black paper, all for $1.50 each. Hope this helps!! :)


Exactly what I was looking for

The black gel journal was exactly what I was looking for. But how in the world did you manage to find it? I googled "gel journals" and this site didn't come up.

Anyhow, thanks.

black paper

I tried the link & could'nt get it. anyway I'm looking for a book, jornal, sketchpad.. anything that has blacl paper it it to use with my gel pens.. Find anyplace to buy them?
Thank You Cindy

Try this...

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

black paper

Just type in and then go to the side and click paper then click on gel ink paper. :D

free gel pen

I tried everything, tip remained frozen. After nothing worked I put the twelve year old pen in the microwave for two seconds.
The pen now works like new. Pen is a Pentel k106 Milkey Gel Roller if that means anything.


Rockin' article, chickie!

And gel pens = horrible addiction alright. Holy -cow-. If you ever get to Turtle Press in Seattle (right on Market street in Ballard), they've got a ton of them and I can't stop myself from buying a couple when I'm there. They're -crack-, I tell you, CRACK.

Oh, and sparkly is quite gothy. We're all crows. :)


Totally. Kender hates to drag me to the store because I ALWAYS walk out with either black paper or gel pens. Even though I have more than I can use.

didn't the memo also say that pink was the new black? :-)

I'm another pen and paper

I'm another pen and paper freak. I just bought around cream-with-gold-and-silver-flecks and black-with-gold-and-silver-flecks envelopes at the Japanese Paper Place warehouse sale, and I managed to find a set of matching cardstock (but not enough cardstock... =( ). I have quite a stationery collection, and I take pains to match pen color(s) with stationery style. For example, I use either bronze or gold on the gold-monogrammed Crane & Co. stationery, and bluegreen on the blue fall stationery... =) I have this huge set of metallic gel pens, which makes matching a lot of fun and allows me to make pretty little doodles on my cards.

Good stuff.

Japanese paper

I bought a small amount of beautiful Japanese "echizen washi" paper recently, and now I'm afraid to use it because it was so expensive...

I figured that if I made one of my usual quarto-size blank books with that paper, it would cost me about $40. With copier paper, a book sets me back a dollar or so, all supplies included.

Sometimes I just look at the paper in the transparent wrapper and admire it, though....

No no!

Now I'll have to go out and try to find those Yasutomo Gel Xtreme pens. I'd been so good too ... but now the call of cute colored pens is too strong!

gel pens don't work

I teach high school and was challenged to stop using red pen to grade my papers. Solution? Lovely colored gel pens! They're great and they make my students happy when they see all the colors on their papers and attendance sheets. My only problem is that sometimes they stop working for no reason at all. There might be plenty of ink but it won't come out. What is your solution? I have tried heating (sometimes ruining the pen); shaking and blowing in the top but nothing seems to work.

The freedom to write...

If a ballpoint, as opposed to nibbed, pen stops writing try freeing the ball by scribbling on glass or a mirror, hard. This should free it but if you find it keeps jamming it is better to replace the pen or at least the refill. Hey, better still, challange your students to use better paper, then you can use a fountain pen like me :P

Sneaker rubber to free ballpoints

Haven't tried glass, but I remember having a fairly expensive but ornery ballpoint in university. (I got it for journal writing.) Every time I'd go for a few days without writing (like long weekend or breaks), the ball would seize. My solution was to dip the head of the pen in boiling water for about 30 seconds, and then write hard against the bottom sole of my sneaker. It would always work for that pen, and it has helped to resuscitate many others I've used. YMMV.

all my best,

gel pens

I invented a solution to gel pens not working.
Get 2 feet of ruber tubing that will slip over the top of the pen..and blow as needed. Really!! don't blow too hard or the end will fly off the gel pen and go everywhere!!!total cost is around a dollar. try it and let me know what you think.

John Gray Canton oklahoma 73724

Gelly Rolls

Have any of you addicts tried the Gelly Roll pens by Sakura? How do they compare to the others mentioned here?

not impressed


Sadly... I do not like the Gelly Roll brand pens. They seem to run out and dry up faster than anything I've used. They're also not very good for black paper as their ink does not display as clearly as I'd like.

However, I do have a few friends who like using them... so the best advice I can offer is for you to try it out and see if you like it!



i loved your review of pens and your admission to addiction.
i am a teacher and scrapbooker so using them to correct is my excuse for buying more and more and more! :)

My question:
I have 5 new "THe Ultimate Gel pen" from american craft and I can't get them to write.
it says to tap them but that simply doesn't work.
do you think are are history? Dried up and all? Any Advice?

Gel, it's not just for hair...

Hi Cindy

Are your pens ordinary gels or do they look like thin metal cased 'marker' pens? Pentel use to sell a metallic range that needed the tip priming. This was achieved by tapping the pen on one's hand and gently pumping the nib on a piece of scrap paper.

See also: 'The freedom to write...' and 'Sneaker rubber to free ballpoints' posted above.

...or you could just return them... ;)

Gel pens and fuzzy posters!

I am hooked on gel pens, all kinds, glitter, metallic, pastels, neon, you name it. I got started when I purchased one of those fuzzy, velvet type posters you can color, I happen to have a silver metallic pen and I grabbed it to use on a moon and that was it, I was hooked! These posters come out looking 500% better with gel pens instead of the boring old markers which they only give you 4 colors to use. I have shopped around EVERYWHERE and I have trouble finding bulk with a good price... I did buy this one set from Sam's Club has 100 pens, all the types for 19.00. They are good for coloring because I go through a lot, but I am now sick of those colors and wanting and needing MORE MORE MORE!!! If anyone knows of anyplace PLEASE e mail me at just put gel pens in the subject line... Thank you
Barbara in Colorado

Scented Gel pens!

I too love gel pens! I must admit I am a bit neurotic about office supplies. My mother, a teacher, always said you need good supplies to do your best work and that seems to have stuck with me. I enjoy the metallic/gliter Gelly roll pens, and the retractable SARASA pens are nice too, but my all time love of gel pens is for Uni-ball Gellyz Scents. I adore the blue one and the brown (chocolate) scented pen is great too! The red (cinninom) one writes nicely, and if you are using dark paper the pink and white ones are good too. The other pastel colors smelled nice (except the mint one, dark green) but I found that they dried out quickly and would not write well on white paper. These pens are great, because the more you write the better the paper smells. Great for taking notes in class. However, the blue pen that I love; I can not find anywhere anymore. I used to buy them at Michael’s craft store (where I have also seen the above mentioned black post-it notes, I also remember them being marketed under a brand called Milky) and K-mart carried the multi-pack and Hobby Lobby sold them individually as well. Now none of those places carry them and I checked the web and ebay and have not had luck. If anyone has advice where I can find my favorite blue pen I would love to know!
Thanks for a great article!

Mmm, blueberry flavour gel pen...

Sanford now 'control' Uni-ball. Have you tried e-mailing them Judi?

Gel Pens and Black Post It's

I too, LOVE the gel pens, drives my DH nuts, but I keep on using them and buying them, sadly, most of the ones I purchase are not very good. So far my favorite are the Pentel Gel Pens, but I am gonna google the Yasutomo Gels and order some...just HAVE TO!!! LOL

I am in search, as many of you are, for the black post it notes! I can't find them anywhere and I check every place I go into, not even googling has really brought anything up! Anyone one else, have any luck yet on that subject???? Please Share! I really enjoyed reading all the comments on our addiction (there are MUCH worse things, ya knwo?) LOL I would love to find black or dark colored pads, in a 3x8 or so size for my TO DO's List!!! Thanks in advance...Beck

Elusive gel pens

Through much eBay searching I have now discovered that my favorite blue gel pen was marketed as Signo in the UK, however eBay has green pink yellow and orange but no blue to be found. The UK also had a coconut scented one...interesting. The ones here were strawberry, lemon, orange, mint (I thought this one smelled awful!), apple, blueberry and grape. I was thrilled when I found a set of 24 of the same color of my favorite scented gel pen, but sadly they were green and the store had no blue ones. I am going to break down and call their customer service soon, but I have asked someone who works for a different division of Sanford and she could not track down my favorite pen either. Now to the point, the Yasutomo ones I am pretty sure were also called gel extreme, because I bought them under that name. If these are the ones I am thinking of they usually came metallic in basic gold, silver, blue, purple, pink and pale green. Just thought that may help people in their search for the prefect gel pen. I also really like the gelly roll pens, but only the medium ones, the fine ones I have had trouble with them not working. And lately I have acquired some really great ones from hello kitty (sanrio). I am not sure what the true brand of theses are but if you have a Sanrio store near you I would suggest checking it out. I got a set of metallic hello kitty pens that reminded me of the uniball Rainbow glitter pen. That was a truly awesome pen although it was used up very quickly, I had gotten it as a sample with my fruit scented pens and when I went looking for it that type of pen too was no where to be found. For a less expensive and basic for writing on white paper type of pen, the pilot G2 or G3 ones are pretty good. They have some fun colors and the basic black and blue.

Gel Pens and Dark Sticky's

Thanks for all the information on what gel pens you have found to be your favorites! If I happen to come across the blue gel pen you are in search of, I will be sure to let you know! I love reading everyone's opinions, and comments, on our favorite gel pens and paper!!!

Through all of your gel pen research, did you find any black sticky notes or pads? I bought some black stock cards yesterday at Target, but the pad is in multi colors, so not very many black ones, and they really aren't very practical for anything, except doodling on. It DID, however make me realize how cool it is to use the gel pens on black!!!! Now I really want to find the darn black sticky notes and utimately the black "TO DO" list!!! I checked one place that another poster told us about, above, called Miller Pads and Paper, cool website, but had a question, so called the number they have posted on their website and only got a recording, so left my name and number and so far no response back from them (that was about 3 days ago), they do have some neat looking things available in the black paper, but since they have not returned my call, I'm kind of leary to order from them....have any of you actually placed an order with them? If so, was your experience satisfactory?

OKAY GUYS! I know there has to be BLACK STICKY NOTES out there somewhere, but I sure have not found them, on the internet or any other place that I have checked out locally (and I live in Houston, TX) so one would think I could find just about anything! ha ha

Thanks again, sure enjoy reading all the posts!!! PLEASE share if you find any of this stuff we are looking for, I'm getting

Gel pens & Black paper

HI, I just got off of the phone with Miller Pads and Paper, thanks to a poster above that mentioned their website on here. They are so nice to deal with and I was able to order 10: 4x8 to do lists on black paper with faint white lines and 10: 3x7 of the same. I also ordered 3: of their 3.5 square cube notes in black. They do not carry black post it's, but hey, I'm tickled with what I could get from them!!! They also carry the X-treme gels pens you all like so much, a package of them for $7, I think my total order came to $28 incl. the shipping cost! Not bad, IMO and I was thrilled to find this stuff in black! If you don't order via the net from them, they are alittle hard to contact, but will return your call, we kept missing one another! Just wanted to share this with all of you black paper, gel pen lovers!

gel pens

My quirk with gel pens is for doing variety and logic puzzles. This just makes it a little more challenging and makes the puzzles look pretty. There is nothing more frustrating than pens that will write for a minute and then stop. I'm going to look for the Yasutomo and give them a try.

I used to love gels!

I went through a huge gel pen stage! I (often actually my mum cos she is a teacher) get a big pack and I pick out colours. I tend to get hooked on one pen at a time. I have found that the more expensive pens (like the pentels you mentioned) are actually quite bad. The cheaper ones (to me anyway) seem to be better!
Being left handed, gel pens can be very horrible. Actually, using heaps of pens is hard, as well as pencils!!!!!!!
Everything seems to smudge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gel Pens and blank paper

I am an artist and I teach art as well. I love scribbling and drawing with gel pens. I have been looking for a set of gel pens that are either metallic or glazed ink in any variety of colors. I love doodling with them as well. I have been looking all over for a notebook or binder type filled with black paper. I wouldnt mind adding other variety of colored paper as well. Can you suggest where I might find such a binder or notebook filled with black paper suitable for me to doodle away with gel pens?


Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately, many stores don't carry pre-bound books with black paper any more. In the past, I've gotten mine from general office supply stores and stationary stores.

However, don't let this discourage you. If you go to your local paper dealer (I highly recommend Paper Zone) you can buy packs of black paper in 8.5" by 11" to which you can punch with a hole puncher and put into a 3 ring binder or, given a bit of sewing, you could bind some sheets together to make your own books.

As for the pens themselves, the Y&C Gel Xtreme series is metallic and writes very well on black paper.

Hope this helps,

Black paper + Circa/Rollabind = Notebook !!

A simple formula :)
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Gel Pen Advice

Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me how to get my gel pens to flow. I currently have a set of 60 "Color Essentials by Aurora" and the majority of them do not flow well. Maybe 10 of them do. They still show the clear gel at the end and it isn't as if I used them all up....however, I have had the set for a long time (over 3 years). Is there a way to gain some use out of my pen set? Thanks!


If you can get to the ink tube gently blow into the back, if you can't try a little heat at the ball point. What's happened is a little ink dried behind the the ball so it no longer flows. Once you get it moving you should have no problems.

What I've had luck with

Take one of those cotton 'pads' they sell for applying lotions and such, and wet it well with alcohol. Lay it down on a safe surface and try 'writing' on it with the pen.

The alcohol will dissolve any dried ink, and the pressure of writing on the pad gets the ball to roll so as to help the alcohol get to the clog.

Usually it only took ten-fifteen seconds or so to get the ink flowing. With a few it didn't seem to work, so I set those pens aside and did the rest. Then I gave the stubborn ones one last try on the alcohol pad, and all but one came back to life.

If you don't happen to have the cotton pad thingies, I'd guess a small stack of kleenex or even a piece of cloth you don't care about would serve to hold the alcohol and give a bit of friction against the pen's ball.

where do I find glitter scented purple gel pen sets?

Im looking for glitter scented dark purple gel pens that I can buy 10 or more instead of buying a pack of different colors and just using the purple? :)

Purple pens


They sell individual scented pens relatively cheaply

I am an absolute pen

I am an absolute pen addict.... and eraser as well. I love it when they have Japanese writing on the pens as well.. (it's so cool!!). I really want to order the Zebra Pticolon Scented Gel Pen set... or it's something like that. Anyone have any suggestions for other pens I should get?:)

Love that you brought this old thread up

What is everyones favorite gel pen now? Has it changed since this thread started? I'm surprised to find my favorites our BICs new gel pens, they are cheap, I got them clearance at our grocery store and they flow so nicely. Sadly at my store they only offered them in black and blue hopefully they will start offering more colors as they flow so nicely.

I am a huge fan of Uniball

I am a huge fan of Uniball Signo 207 pens and Pentel Energel pens. For sparkle or glitter I like Pentel Sunburst pens, Starlightz (from Walmart) and Gel Bursts (from Target) all are consistent and non skipping! Pentel Sliccis are fun for fine lines and color...

oh pens how i love thee!

--> my blog <--

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I've only tried the Uniball Signo 207 out of the ones you've suggested. I can't wait to pick up the others to try out. I too love pens!I love my journal to be colorful! Thanks again!

people that understand my pain! lol

I live in California, and I bought a pack of 100 gel pens for like 20 bucks from costco or sams club, that came with a statioum that held them they came with the glitter, mettilac, pastel, neon, and regular. they are gel writers, the best gel pens ever! they write great on black and white paper. I get the big fuzzy art posters and me and my friends have soo much fun I get grown men coloring lol. and these pens lasted for over a year!! now all of my good colors ran out. :( and I can't find any gel pens that come with more then 10 in a pack anywhere!! I have searched all over and online for weeks! there all out of stock, and are not getting anymore :( I have only found one site that has 88 gel pens and they say its for a classroom so the color variety might not even be that great and its 55 dollars!! eff that!! Im going thro a gelly withdrawll and a 10 diff color variety for 15 dollars Is a terrible methadone. please!!! help!!! haha

amazon (dot) com

Fiskars gel pens 48 to a pack. Got a pack for my daughter for Christmas.

Do you mean ...

this Fiskars 12-27457097 Gel Pen, 48-Piece Value Set for $18.25 ?
How about this Gel Pen Canister 48/Pkg-Glitter, Metallic, Pastel & Bright for $13.94 ?
Or if you Google like THIS, you get lots of links to look through
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

First link... the one. My daughter cuts the underwear models out of old clothing catalogs, pastes them in a scrapbook and uses them as forms on which to design clothing, mostly red carpet worthy formals. This means some heavy duty ink layout coloring in all the complicated designs. Her first set held up for about 2 years before significant numbers of them were running dry.