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that's me

I always feel so self-conscience on Monday mornings when I’d planning my week at work. I’ve got index cards (the post it stackable/restackable ones) spread out all over my desk, several log files open on my computer, and my planner (in whatever form it mutated into over the weekend) in my lap. Plus, I then go through the week stick those index cards on the wall. They get moved, removed, and written on. I do have to say that using the index cards (one per task) has helped my focus, it really helps to tell myself that I can only do _one_ thing at a time and I have to pick just one card to put on top. I do tend to think that the people I work with think I’m crazy, and not only due to the index cards :-)

Lisa PT

crazy club

I try to find ways to streamline and organize my day... I have *NO* doubt that my coworkers think I'm klinko. but thats okay... its much better to be unique and organized than... **cough** normal. ;D

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