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My picture name Greetings, welcome once again to Steve’s Paper-Based-Planning Column Of Insanity, giving you everything you need to enter the weekend as willingly as possible. To begin with, I’d like to thank everyone for their interest in last week’s post, on storyboarding your life. I was astonished at the response and even more astonished when it was mentioned on Lifehacker. Yes, Lifehacker! I was mentioned on Lifehacker. I’m not sure and somebody might want to go look it up, but I think that may be one of the signs of the apocalypse. I owe that bit of unlikely publicity to Avi Solomon: Thanks Avi . You’ve always believed in me, ever since last Friday.

Today’s post is inspired by yet another template, the Hipster-sized Music Notes template created by Pete Phillips and submitted a few days back by the inimitable Sacha Chua. I work on this site with Sacha in a third-hand, disjointed, 21st Century sort of way, mediated through the inimitable Doug Johnston and I can say with no fear of successful contradiction that both of them are, as stated earlier, to the best of my knowledge, inimitable. If anybody knows what the hell inimitable means, please let me know. I actually did want to find some information on Sacha to encourage a sense of closeness and site community and also to eat up a few hundred words, but my internet connection went down, so I couldn't access her website, so I had to make it up. Sacha Chua is a covert quadruple secret agent, working with the Americans against the Russians, the Russians against the Americans, the Belgians against the Russians, the Americans against the Belgians, and the Russians, Belgians and Americans against the National Hockey League. She uses her quick wits, inimitable courage and undeniable sexual attraction to extract information from enemy agents by playing Scrabble with them. Her unofficial code name is, `Triple Word Score Of Death’. While waiting to complete her latest secret mission in Eastern Europe, she wiled away the long, melancholy hours in a Hungarian gypsy piano bar singing semi-improvisational numbers about lost love in the foggy first minutes of dawn across a forbidden border, songs about two people pulled together by their love of gold and pushed apart by their hatred of jelly donuts. She thought up a couple good tunes and had nowhere to write them down and it drove her crazy, so here we are. All this information is, to the best of my knowledge, absolutely correct and if anyone has any questions, they can email Sacha and I am certain she will have many interesting stories to tell.

He heh. I was in lifehacker. Heh.

Which brings us to today’s organizational idea. I got such a good response last week to suggesting ways to use the new storyboard templates to organize your life , that I decided to apply the same approach to the Music Notes template. Now, I took about 4 billion years of band in school and can unfortunately no longer read or write staff music without tremendous mental effort, which just isn’t happening today, so we’re going with just the lyrics (sorry to any of you musical purists out there). To Sacha, all I can say is: The languid dog licks itself by moonlight. I have a feeling that music can probably be used in a similar way to pictures to facilitate efficiency and here I have taken popular tunes and musical styles and changed them just a little, to create catchy, easy to remember productivity hints, as follows:

(Sung like a James Brown funk tune)
“Ow! Lordy help me please,
I gotta get down on my knees,
And remember the power lunch where I’m going,
With the gentlemen from Boeing, ugh!

I gotta lot to remember,
Like fuel consumption for September,
I’m so excited about this meeting, of course,
Lord help me!, I’d even take a horse! Huh!!”

And bringing it all full circle once again for all you planner fans (to the tune of `Nobody knows but Jesus’)

“Nobody knows, how much ink I have left,
Nobody knows, but Epsonnnnn.
Nobody knows, if I can still print my planner,
Oh Lordy, give me some ink tonighttttttttt.”

And for all you Elvis fans our there (to the tune of `Can’t Help Falling In Love With You’)

“Wise men say, data backup is important for access,
So burn some discs, it’ll save your ass.
Unrecoverable disk errors, bad sectors toooooooo,
Unexpected power outages, can screwwwwww you.”

Well, that's my contribution to workplace efficiency this week. If anyone has any ideas how to make this process more efficient, I'd love to hear form them. I have nothing more to add, except tango, bravo, echo, hotel. Till next time, keep your pen on the paper, and your songs in key.

For further reading, please see How To Be Organized Part I and Part II and don’t forget to check out my Dad’s guest column, right here next Wednesday, on recording and interpreting your dreams on paper. You won’t want to miss it. If anything, he’s even more helpful than I am.

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Keep up the Good Work!

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Blast! Steve, you blew my

Blast! Steve, you blew my cover. I'm going to have to kill you now. ;) Or worse: steal your planner! MWAHAHAHAHA!

(Steve doesn't know it yet, but we've replaced his planner with new Folger's crystals. Let's see if anyone notices!)