Adobe InDesign source file

Hello everybody.

I am sorry for bothering you, but I am looking for Adobe InDesign source file to create my own Hipster PDA templates for printing 4 cards (3x5') on A4 paper both sides and then i will cut by guillotine cutter.

P.S. I spent whole day, but can not get a proper combination of front and back sides of printed templates.


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InDesign read pdf files?

If InDesign reads pdf files, then try opening up the official 4-up hipster pda templates. those print just fine in A4 on my printer--both sides. The outlines are on the templates, so you should be able to delete the actual templates, and keep the outlines. (This works, I believe, in Illustrator, and if InDesign is half as good as Illustrator at this, you should be able to do it...)