Using coloured markers in moleskine

I know that people have spoken of using gel pens, but what about coloured markers in moleskines?
i have been tempted to, so i used them on the final page... writing The end and drawing all around it.

The result... well it looked good, and it felt good writing it as well.
The pens I used are Crayola Colour Wave markers.

on the other side of that, i decided that I wanted to try gel pens, as everyone speaks of them.
I can't say i was completely impressed. While it felt okay to write, it looked very bad.

What do you do in your moleskine? do you draw as well???

I have three journal type books

my black scrapbook, where i cut things out and glue them in... black paper --looks good. ITs usually outfits i like and singers and stuff. I have a square book i use as a visual journal, but the paper is quite thin so isnt great for water colours but its okay... and i use watercolour pencils to reduce any effects or whatever.
then there is my moleskine.
i write songs and poems in there... and thoughts, ideas, feelings...
its a real journal... well traditional journal...

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Multiple types...

I see at least two major types of journal-users here.

One uses the journal mostly for writing.
The other uses the journal for art and sketching in addition or instead of just writing.

The pen/paper requirements and preferences for those two groups can vary widely.

I'm a bit artistic. Personally, I would not use a gel-pen for extensive drawing. They are very comfortable for writing, but they do not have the proper feel (to me) for drawing/sketching.

As far as your use of things, I understand that Molskine's take watercolor very well. What can it hurt to try a page or two ?

There are no Rules. Find what works for you and run with it.
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i've thought about that...

i've thought about that... but for the time being i think i have to stick to pens, cos i don't want to spend too much time.. and i will with water colours!!! can't wait to try though