43 Folders - time lag on Registration??

I registered to 43 Folders' forums a week (or so) ago, and while it recognizes me when I'm logged in if I try to post I get a message telling me that my registration is awaiting activation.

Does it always take this long? Should I just be patient or should I try registering again?

I simply want to alert someone over there to the Clairing notebooks that Pandemonium now has as a result of the "Group Buy" that Ygor and Sara were organizing. He is looking for Circa type covers in the size that Pandemonium now has.


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Ping the admin ?

Did you send anything to the folks running the boards ?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Contacting 43 Folders Admin

No, I haven't contacted them, in part because I think I was assuming my registration would need to be activated before I could contact them. I suppose I should check and see if they have email contact. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks also for being the first to contribute to the Quotations thread.

I see one person has posted there since you. Perhaps you've gotten the ball rolling.

sent contact email to 43 Folders re Registration, no response

At Ygor's suggestion I tried emailing 43 Folders re my Registration which has still not been activated. How long should I wait before emailing them again? Or should I just give up?

Does anyone here know what's going on over there?

PM sent to mod at 43folders

Hi, Cath,

I'm on the forums over there and sent a PM to one of the mods of the forums. It isn't as active as it once was, so maybe they just haven't checked it lately.

When I receive a response, I'll let you know.


If that doesn't work perhaps I can double check the info on who is looking for A4 Circa type covers so you can alert him to the Clairing notebooks now at Pendemonium.

The last time I went looking for this guy to try and reply to his question I was able to find him pretty easily doing a key word search, using the word "cover". He might have been on the "LoFi" pages.

Have a good weekend.

No email confirmation

Looks like they never received your email confirmation. I'll PM you with the Mod's email, so you can get things straightened out.