Am I about to do something really dumb in migrating my daily notes?

I have about 30 pages of daily notes from when I first started using what I *thought* was a Levenger notebook. It now appears due to the spacing and exacting details of the punches that it wasn't, I'm guessing it is _____ (the other brand whose name I forget).

The gist is that the spacing of the punches do not line up well with the actual Levenger covers that I'm going to use. They are off by a good bit. I want to move the existing paper into my actual Levenger plastic covers. Due to the alignment as-is I can either have the old paper stick up almost a half inch over the top of my plastic covers, or I can repunch the pages and move them.

I repunched a few, and they seem to hold in just fine, but I know have two sets of punches that are very close together. I'm worried that over time the paper strength will weaken. Do I have other options?

I thought I could just put all the pages in with the punches on the right-hand side of the page, so my first page would be page #2 and the second page would be page #1. I guess at some point I'd realize the pages are in this order for old stuff?

Any other bright ideas? I was just about to move all the pages and thought I might want to ask some smart people first.

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give the pages a haircut!

why not just cut off the top half-inch of each page? that would solve your problem neatly (and quickly, if you have a guillotine).


I considered that

And it'd be fast, but then the bottom of the pages would not be aligned to future paper I put in.

I guess all things considered that is a minor inconvenience/nit.


I think I'm going to do this. It'll be real fast to do the slicing, the only other aspect is I'll have to trim the bottom corner to avoid the bottom-most ring.

ooo ill try

((not in the smart people category since my cold has liquified my brain ;P))

Try using packing tape... folding it around the edge so that the two sticky sides are hugging eachother and the old 'smurfs'. THis should reinforce the edge enough to ensure the repunching doesn't compromise the mobility in the levenger notebook :)

It would be quite a bit of tape... and some time but... might be worth it :D

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