50% off Rollabind

Check out MC2OFFICE.com

all Rollabind stuff is 50% off... get it while its in stock. I blew my budget on buying discs ... can't resist 2 for 1... :o) ((I called and found out about the discount...so my order doubled!))

Never ordered from there before but I recall other happy customers around our hallowed halls... just thought yall would like to know!

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Where ?

I must need new glasses. I see no 2-fer specials.

For 100 medium discs, (LINK)
List Price: US $7.95
Our Price: US $7.45
You Save: US $0.50 (6%)

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No deal there

I've not seen any 2for1 of 50% off anywhere either.

regular Rollabind vs. Staples Rollabind

I'm tempted to buy some rings with a deal like this, but there's one thing keeping me from doing it. I started out with a Staples Rollabind notebook and later got a couple Levenger Circa notebook. The Circa just seems like a much better product - pages turn smoother, it looks nicer, and tends to handle being hauled around in a backpack better too.

I don't need a lot of Circa/Rollabind discs (at least not yet ;-) but enough to make a couple Junior size notebooks would be handy. The question in my head: if I order something from Rollabind or a site like this, is the quality the same or better than the Rollabind notebooks from Staples?



My punch came with some rolla discs and i'm a happy camper... i believe it was shris who has ordered from MC2 before and she never really said the quality was an issue...
i could just be so happy to have it that the page turning isnt really a concern :D or everything is okay for meh lil hands >.<

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Yes, it was I


Yes, I ordered from MC2Office. The discs were Rolla discs; they had the same issues (mold marks) as all the other Rolla discs, but it was just as easily remedied.

That is, I ordered jumbo black discs, and when they came they had mold marks that I removed using a small file. I did the same with discs that came from other sources.

I liked MC2Office for the 100-piece bags. I had a little trouble in that they couldn't reach me on the phone to tell me about an out-of-stock situation, so I only got half my order. I was annoyed. There was no attempt to email me.

If you call them and find out what's in stock first and place your order on the phone, you'll get the good price and you won't have the problem I had.


call em

i called and found out about the 50% off... it is not on the website.

silly peoples... :P

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What rotten luck... I'm just now trying to decide what system to move to, and am particularly fond of the look of the Rolla. I think this may be a Sign From the Planning Gods here...

UPDATED: I called, and they are out of the "desk" and "portable" punch, but most discs are in stock except for "oddball colors" (silver, gold) and the small black size. I picked up a few handfuls of discs (ok, several handfuls.)

The larger punch machines are in stock if anyone has cash to burn.

Thanks for the heads-up.

I just got 400 discs in various sizes for $29 including shipping. You rock. :)