Fleeing the Franklin

Hello all...

Through some kind of strange syzygy of the worlds of planning, fountain pens, and my unholy love of office supplies I find myself a member here. I've tried various organizational systems over the years, starting with a letter-size Franklin planner (and hating the size!) then moving to a Palm (and hating the input!) then to my own custom record-keeping system during a brief stint of telecommuting (and hating the 3-ring-binder!) and now back again to the Franklin in a smaller format... and disliking much about it, somewhat about the annual cost, but more about the fact that my life does not fit into someone else's neat little boxes. There are times when my daily to-dos are a mile long, and times when my notes threaten to overtake the page. And then there are quiet days. Oh, and I need a way to keep my shopping lists together, and remember the author of that book I was going to look for, and keep track of notes from my kid's school, and plans for my hobbies, and... and... and...

After barely stomaching my most recent planner-refill purchase, I've decided to sit down and stop fighting with Messrs. Franklin and Covey and their mind-numbing Plan for my Life, and instead embrace something like a System that actually Works For Me not Against Me or Parallel To Me.

I've given myself a year to get this all worked out, since this is the amount of time I have left on what is hopefully my last refill. Already my thoughts are turning to tickler files, and I've been spelunking in the Bazaar forum for a lead on discounted RollaBind discs.

I am both relieved and alarmed to find an entire community of people who are as obsessed as I about stalking the aisles of office supply and stationery stores... for fun! It's good to be here.

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Welcome to the forum...

Any friend of a pen is a friend of ours. :)

One of us, one of us....


Welcome, and I understand the obsession!

I, too, have gone through many shapes and sizes of planners and fillers and enjoy this place to pieces.

I, too, need to flee from Franklin Covey anytime I drive by it. I recently indulged and purchased a new shell and some doodads, but will always focuse on the templates here. It seems that having this kind of variety to work my own way in organization seems to be the smartest plan I have had with an organizer.

Do not be alarmed about finding us though, and seeing we have the same obsession as you. Just think of it as finding your way back home!

planner refills

All i'm looking for is printable (aka "free") calendar pages for my 3x5 "mini" or "jotter" -size planner.
In addition to individual months, need all of 2007 which would be on 2 pages, i guess. Can I get what i need on this site? thank you.

Have you looked in the templates ?

You may not find exactly what you want in the exact size, but you can, as an example, print a classic page out onto 3x5 stock. I've done it.

Good luck.
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