I was reading the excellent "Rhodia Drive" blog this week and came across a very cool way to do GTD. A Japanese software engineer by the name of Kenji Ohta has designed a modified GTD system using Rhodia notepads and some templates he has designed and put on his site. You can check it out for yourself by visiting this link:

The blog is a site specific to GTD + R (Rhodia) and has complete instructions and videos to help you with Ohta's system. The templates are designed for A4 paper and really should be printed on them. I tried at first to shrink them slightly to U.S. Letter standards and the pockets (you'll see them on the site) were too compressed to hold the notes from your inbox. I had to make a quick trip to office depot for a ream of legal size paper and guillotine slice it to A4 standard. Once I did that, everything fit nicely.

I love Rhodia pads anyway and have been using them for a while since they are bit less costly than Moleskines. I stopped into the stationer in Boulder, Colorado today and picked up a ten pack of No. 11 Rhodia pads which are the perfect size for Ohta's system. Check it out and tell me what you think.

BTW..The Rhodia Drive site's address is:


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