hPDA shuffle

Not such a far fetched idea... and it made me giggle this gloomy Thursday morn
YouTube Link

anyone thought of doin this with their ishuffle?

**with music so be warned if yer at work :)

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Love it! I wonder if it

Love it! I wonder if it really clamps hard enough to hold cards together though.

Thanks for the Smile

THAT made my day.



I started my day off with it... found it on a wordpress blog... just browsing while eating breakfast :D ...

I'm glad my day started well... I have a date tonight and work has been EVIL to me. My printer has been very moody and my hands are now stained rainbow colors because of the jet cartridges misbehaving! Hope my date doesn't think I'm more diseased then just havin a cold lol

::huggles for Bob::

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edit that

date got called in to cover for a sick coworker... no date t'night :( awww well... guess I'll play with my planner instead :D

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