Call for Guest Posts

We've had a couple people who were writing guest posts drop off the radar recently, so this seems like a perfect time to put out a call for guest posters.

I've constantly amazed by the thoughtfulness that goes into many of the comments and forum posts on this site, and have no doubt that many of you have a lot of advice or insights to share. In particular, I'm looking for articles on the following:

  • Beginner's guides to time management / GTD / Covey / etc., with a focus on using paper (we have a number of newbies here who would really like some help)
  • Ways of integrating a paper-based solution with an existing digital set-up (how can you make things work together?)
  • Reviews on books dealing with productivity, creativity and journalling (see the "We Recommend..." block on the left for the sort of books we're looking for)
  • Articles about managing projects, finances and other business issues
  • Innovative planner or Hipster PDA set-ups or tips
  • How-to articles (with photos, if necessary) - ingenuity but with a minimum of effort
  • Articles covering "supplies" like paper, types of pens, paper trimmers/guillotines, types of punches, and so on

There are only a few ideas, but we're certainly open to many more. For now, send me your idea and how you'd approach it in an article, as well as some indication of your writing skill, and we'll take it from there.

For more details about writing an article for, see the guidelines page. Practical upshot: 800 to about 1500 words, no pay, you retain copyright, we ask for 30-day exclusivity and the right to publish and retain your article, and you get to link to your own site (if you want, that is). I also edit as necessary, but rarely impose any sort of strong editorial control: after all, those are your words and your name attached to the piece.

Hope to hear from you talented people soon!

all my best,


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