DIY Covers

I'm always a sucker for freebies and I found this while looking for more of some cool index cards I recently bought. Thought some of you might enjoy printing out your own covers.

Downloadable covers to print

Now back to tracking down those index cards...

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And equally as cool

is the index card template you can download by clicking on "index card" in the box to the right.

Great Link

Thanks for posting the link!


Cool covers

Scrapbooking paper works great, too. It's archival quality, heavyweight paper and it comes in a bazillion lovely pre-printed (and often double-sided!) options. :-)

12x12 sheets are usually < .99 and you can cut them down to fit your favorite notebook. They make awesome dividers and bookmarks too!


I fear the scrapbooking section of the craft store. Too much cutesy stuff! :)

Wimp! ;-)

Try a genuine scrapbooking store instead of an all-purpose craft retailer. There are lots of textured solid papers (Bazzill!) and stripes and dots and plenty of stuff that isn't cutesy. Lots of scrappers have sons, after all. :-D


I don't think we have a scrapbooking store here in town, but I'll have to double-check... It'd be neat to have some cool covers for my Circa notebooks.