DIY Index Card Holder (Planner Insert)

So I fiddled with the idea of a clear holder for index cards...

I wanted to be able to see the entire card when inside the holder, I didn't want to go out and buy anything, and I wanted it to be simple enough for a DIY project.

The result is HERE at my Blog. :)

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A Similar Hack

Thanks for the inspiration, Sara! I have recently started using my Classic binder again, and have been racking my brain trying to come up with a way to carry / view notecards in it. Seeing your pictures gave me a great idea.

In an earlier post I mentioned that I have found that the 3.5" Diskette Binder Sheets make dandy notecard holders. Each sheet has two columns of three pockets. They are meant to hold floppy disks, but they are perfect for notecards too.

With a scissors I carefully cut out each individual "pocket" to give me six clear plastic notecard holders. Then I positioned two of them on the hard black plastic page protectors (or whatever they are called) that come standard with most binders. With a little two-way tape they are now adhered, and voila! I can now view two notecards. Flip the black plastic page protector, and repeat on the backside. Now I have a means of holding / viewing four notecards. Flip to the back of the binder and repeat....8 total pockets.

An easy way to complete my hybrid.



Sounds like an uber hack!

I had be debating on a non-clear index card holder but ... that defeated the purpose of seeing what needed to be done. ((I'm bad at "searching" for things to do >.<))

So are you nearing perfection with your setup? :)

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