What's your sign?

Forgive me... I'm bored, have a cold, and stuck at work with nothing to do >.<

I was wondering if perhaps there was a connection between zodiac signs and organization/office obsessions...

I am a cancer and a sheep.

(Find your chinese zodiac sign here: LINK)

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Oo, oo, ... oh

There I was getting all excited at the sign of signs. Someone else with the same interest as me. So here goes. My name sign is EMAIL my other is EASY-GOING but only my friends sign that. Ah but you meant an entirely different sort of sign all together. Bother. ;-)

huh...never thought about it

Never thought about it but yeah, i'm supposing there's a connection to the stars and obsessive productivity pr0n. :)

for the record ima triple kitty. Leo proper, with a leo rising and born in the year of the tiger.

oooh... yarn? *plays*


Interesting notion.

I'm an Aquarius with Gemini rising (yeah, a double air sign). Chinese sign is the dragon.



When someone brings up the chinese zodiac I have to sigh. I was born in a year that has no good names.

I'm a taurus and a boar. Or a bull and a pig. Or a pig full of bull.



How Lovely

I'm a Virgo, and according to Sara's link I am a Rat. What a great way to end my week.


A Partial Match...

I'm an Aquarius and a sheep. I halfway match two people so far.


I don't really believe in it

but I am an aquarius and a pig. What do these things mean?

Signs of a sign

I really don't believe in it. Many years ago deliberately forgot this stuff.


The Chinese thing is really funny on its face. Think about it. We all went to school. We were in a schoolroom full of kids born the same year as we were--yet, the personalities were all over the place! To try to describe a classroom of kids in just a few words, to lump them all together doesn't work. Sure, in ancient China, maybe, where a village may have one or two children born in a single year, you might not see this variety, and might be inclined to draw conclusions or believe this stuff, but enlarge the scale to even one classroom of kids, and it's laughable. ;-)

My kids love to read these things in restaurants, and get a kick out of them, but that's really all they are good for--a laugh...

Incomplete picture


Wikipedia says that the zodiac we all see in the restaurants is an incomplete picture.

Each person actually gets three animals, not one. The first is based on the year of birth, the second on the month of birth, and the third on the hour of birth.

So I'm a Pig-Dragon-Tiger, which is much more interesting than just a pig. :)


How do you find out the others?

How do you find out the month and hour signs?

Btw, I'm Aquarius with Scorpio rising / Snake

Somehow I don't think Ganymede* quite makes up for things that sting and bite. ;)

(*He's the fellow eternally pouring water out of the jug. A "beautiful youth" who was taken by Zeus to Olympus to be cup bearer to the gods. Man, Zeus *really* got around.)

Go to Wikipedia



Look up "Chinese Zodiac" and read the article. You'll have to scroll down the page. You have to know the year, month, and hour of your birth. The first two are no big deal, but not everyone gets to hear from their mom what time they were born. :)



I don't care.

For the record.

"It's better to be a pirate than to join the Navy." -- Steve Jobs

Poison, pinch and burn

Hi Sara,

I'm a Scorpio-Dragon, which means that I have 3 lethal weapons: poison stinger, pincers and dragonfire. :D

Perhaps that explains my less-than-patient approach to sliding project dates and overly detailed planning.

Here's mine

This sign hangs in my den.
I am very proud of it.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)


Very cute. I had a jpg of a place that was on "Sheet Creek" ... sign said they sold paddles ;P

my artwork | my blog

Was this place....

located in Western PA, perchance?



My Sign

I am a Leo Tiger !! GRRRRRRR!

OK, what jokes can be made from...

Monkey and Sagittarius.

My humor engine is stalled out on this one.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

Zodiac signs

I am a Leo and a Sheep. I guess I am my own lunch.

Do you procrastinate?


I'm a cancer Rooster. My parents had a great book that cross referenced teh Zodiac aand Chinese signs, as well as Earth/Fire/Air/Water, depending on birth year. I always thought it was eerily accurate on personality quirks and such once you hit all three parts.


I never finish anyth