4 Write In The Rain 3x5 notebooks on Ebay

Here's the link:

I don't know if it's a good price but the opening bid is $19.99 and the Buy It Now price is $24.99. Shipping is unspecified but there is a shipping calculator.

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Other rite in rain goodies

I got this:

from their store on ebay:

It fits my circa pda perfectly. I tested it with my pocked molskien and that also fit like a dream. Plus there are places for writing implements and extra 3x5 cards. The material is tougher than my jeans and it even has belt loops for when I'm geeking or outdooring.

Lisa PT

Belt Pouch Cover for 4x6 journals

Nice find. I see that the Ebay store has something similar, but without the belt loops.

How bulky and heavy is this?

Also, the last time I looked, the Write in The Rain notebook had been re-listed with an opening bid of $9.99.


Its not heavy…

Once I took all my stuff out of it. It is made of canvas and the front latch is plastic, so it is pretty light. Empty it squashs down to about a half inch. Of course, I tend to have a ten-ton purse that I carry everywhere, so my idea of heavy may be jaded :-)
I hope this helps.

Lisa PT


I have been busy and was just able to take a gander. that would be so handy!

My family enjoys going to antique/flea markets during the "summer" months. We will go regardless of weather conditions... which can lead to interesting situations. Someone always wishes we had a way of jotting down a note or a drawing.

I'll have to talk with the sister and see if she wants any ideas for my birthday ;P

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I use Rite in Rain

notebooks for fieldwork. I write with pencil because then it doesn't smear, fade, or smudge in the pouring rain. I hate to say it guys (and, yes, I too have a collection of favorite pens), but for longevity, pencil rules.