Levenger Folio Office

My Levenger Folio Office (bought when they went on clearance--as announced here on DIYPlanner) finally arrived yesterday!

Just for those of you in the US who lose patience when you have to wait five days... ;-) I ordered this folio on March 23. It got shipped to my parents who re-packed it with some other items, and shipped it a couple days later. But in any case, I'm a very happy person today! This folio is probably the largest of its type I've ever owned, but it's perfect! I have always felt bound or limited by my other planners, so I'm very happy. It is thick enough to hold everything, and its larger dimensions mean I can fold paper, and now worry about it getting all bent up. Also, the pockets are great for holding all those weird-sized bits and pieces I'm always accumulating as I travel, as well as keep them organized!

I did take the liberty of posting a couple photos on Flickr. You can see them here:

I think it's kind of a shame that they stopped selling this. It's very nice...


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I think it's kind of a shame

I think it's kind of a shame that they stopped selling this. It's very nice...

This is my one problem with Levenger's (ok, other than shipping costs) and that is how quickly they will discontinue an item. I guess they have to be ruthless with their inventory, but it sure would be nice to be able to trust that a wanted item would still be there after you've worked to save up for it.

Thanks for the look-see. I like your small dividers. Neat idea.



I wish we had discovered this capability earlier! As a junior notebook folio, this product didn't take off the way I think it would have had we demonstrated the potential for Circa notebooks.

Creative product hacking will really help us at Levenger to understand what we should be creating.

    ( - and hopefully we see this sort of potential next time around.)


a sign of quality....

is that it can be used in creative ways that the creator never imagined! ;-) This folio office could also be used as a PDA case of sorts. I know I can fit my Palm keyboard in there, and it's not even noticed. Right now, it's got my keyboard, my 3/4" notebook, and a 1/2" notbook loose. And it doesn't look or feel any larger than my old Dayrunner, and only slightly larger than my really old DayTimer that was just a notbook, with no zipper or snap closure. I love the carry handle. :-)

**Edit** I almost forgot, but I still have the original notebook in there. I like it, and would hate to lose it. :-)**edit**

From your perspective, what's sad is that if this product were still around in 3 years time, when I return to the States, I would have gladly paid full price for it! But being discontinued, I decided I better grab it while I could! At least now, it will have a chance to get "broken in" before it hits the road hard time. ;-)