Finally broke down and bought a new one....

Yes, I did. After having my old green planner since the 10th grade in high school, I went to Franklin Covey and bought a new shell. Doing the math, that old planner made it through thirteen years! It finally broke apart, and I was sad to say the least.

That was until I went into Franklin Covey a few weeks ago. I was just befuddled by all the choices. I was so smitten by the choices, I felt like it was Christmas for me! I perused, I browsed, I took in the smells and the simple fact that this store was indeed the match in my heart to the organizer that breathes in side of me.

I was so stuck between the fake leather open binder versus breaking down and buying the Italian leather open binder. I was scrunched in agony when I realized one thing: I have kids. With this in mind, I realized I tote this organizer everywhere with me and paying double to the price for the shell to have it get ruined would have made me a bit miffed it were truly to happen.

This store, I believe, could make me go broke if it were close to my house. I picked up the shell, some tabs (I was desperately in need of new tabs!), and a few other doodads. I had drooled over the annual planner sets, and debated about it. Then I realized that the planner packs are really about making your "planner" pretty, and while that is appealing to a gal like me, the price tag was not. So, I did break down and buy their forms wizard program, that allows me the convenience of printing off what I want, with the pretty, and that day it was discounted - so it was WAY cheaper than getting the planner pack!! And the wizard will be useful for years to come! So, if I want pretty planner pages, I can make them and not have to spend anymore money other than ink now!

So, I toddled on home with my new purchases and I have been in love since. I don't think I have been this excited about my organizer since coming across DIY Planner!!

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Congrats on the new purchases! Sounds like you had a lot of fun at the FC store - I haven't been to one in years, but after reading your post, I just might have to stop in and check out the new stuff!! :)

nay nay