Stephanie's Slightly Large Kit

My kit as it is recently. From top left, clockwise:

My purse, from Chapters, carries all of this stuff

small Moleskine sketchbook, not my idea, I'm not a drawing type person, but I need to submitt one for school, so I've been doing all my designing in it

Pocket knife, handy for impromptu manicures, carried at the request of a friend

keys, including gym passes

camera, I'm a photographer, so this is my prefered 'sketchbook' I take pictures of things I see so I can go back and seriously shoot them with the right equipment

Pens, pencils, highlighters. pens for nearly everything, black, red and blue. pencil for drawing and design, the eraser and lead for that. and highlighters because they're bright and cheerful.

THE BOOK. my wallet and hipster PDA all in one, my bus pass is in a clear plastic sleeve in the front, all the cards I need a lot are in the front, along with a picture of me and my dogs. The planner consists of a years worth of monthly pages, a months worth of weeklies, a few sets of shopping lists, a few sets of contact lists and a handful of photographic releases. another pen looped to it and money and important, but not so often necessary cards in the wallet.

Ipod. doesn't really need an explanation, anyone who uses public transit as much as I do will understand.

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Very nice...

I am curious about the case for your calendar it looks very functional and I think the size is perfect.

It is (perfect that is)!

It is (perfect that is)! It's Day Timer's jotter size. Comes in a variety of styles, with wallet and without.

I'm wondering how you get

I'm wondering how you get the 3x5 Hipster cards into the notebook/wallet. Do you have a standard hole punch that you use? Did the hole punch come with the wallet/notebook? What's the brand of the notebook/wallet itself? I only ask because it seems much smaller than most planners and I don't think I've seen one before.

With work it's best to just start.

The wallet is Day Timer's

The wallet is Day Timer's jotter size. It's the smallest size and comes in a bunch of different planner with wallet styles as well as just planner. The size up (don't know the name of it) fits a 4x6 card and you can get a hole punch for. To get the cards in I resized the files so they had room for the hole punchand then punched them with the hole punch from the size up. The way the jotter size holes are set is as a set of six, the size up is two sets of three, so I just punch one set of three, filp it and punch the other set. Took a bit of practice, but I've got it now! I'm still looking for a better punch, the one I have is one of those portable one sheet ones that has a tough time with card stock.

Finding a 6-hole punch for a small planner

There doesn't seem to be a 6-hole punch made for planners that fit this size page. I bought a Swingline adjustable 7-hole punch, but unfortunately, it can only fit 5 holes consecutively that are 3/4" apart. There is no room for the sixth hole puncher because it runs into the middle bar. The best solution I could come up also was position 3 of the hole punches 3/4" inch apart and then flip the paper around to make the other 3 holes.
There are three companies that I'm aware of that make planners for this size: Daytimer-Jotter, Filofax-Pocket or Dayrunner-Memo. I have no idea why Daytimer, Dayrunner or Filofax don't offer 6-hole punches for these models. Surely we're not the only ones who like the little planners. If you've found a 6-hole punch that would work, I'd also be very interested in knowing where to find one.

Ya I ended up doing that

Ya I ended up doing that too. I went through one of the cheapie plastic one I got when I got the planner, all the edges wore off.

I think I found something

I think I found a 6-hole punch that I think will work. It's a European brand, but I found one on eBay. It's called Rapesco Diary 66P. It's 19 mm between holes and adjustable. I did purchase the one on eBay , but I did a search and found it on the internet at It's funny how such a simple thing can make your day, but I'm really happy to have finally found a solution to this silly hole-punch problem.

Found a 6-hole punch for small planner binders like this one.

I just got a Repesco Diary Punch 66-P and it's perfect for a small diary/planner notebook binder. It punches 6 holes -- 19 mm apart and it's just right for 3 X 5 pages. Here's the website if anyone is looking for it.
I still can't believe they don't carry this in regular U.S. stationery stores.

Found someone willing to ship to the US...

Hi! The people at are willing to ship to the US (for a price; it costs as much for the shipping as for the item itself...).



I found a source !!
I was searching for this punch on eBay and found a UK seller that had other products from the same manufacturer (Repesco), so I sent them a note through eBay asking if they could get this punch and how much would it cost to ship to the US.

I got my answer: "We can get this product and will be selling it shortly. The price is £9.99 each P&P to USA £2.99"

The seller's eBay ID is "iand2842"

Got it !!

The eBay seller "iand2842" came through as promised.

Easiest way to find it is to search by Seller ID. The item name says "Diary Punch"

I got mine !!

Thanks for the tip. I've

Thanks for the tip. I've been looking for this punch forever. I just ordered mine on ebay. Can't wait to get it.

Rapesco Diary Punch 6Hole Black 66-P

Does this whole punch have 3 tiny holes at top and 3 tiny at bottom with about 1 1/2 inch space separating the top from bottom?




Very nice kit! I carry around pretty much the same stuff, except I use a much bigger bag. Therefore, I tend to carry too much. What is the brand of bag that is shown here? I know you said you got it at Chapters. Can you tell me the approximate size of it?
Thank you!

I don't know what the brand

I don't know what the brand is, Chapters doesn't carry any other ones that I know of. It's about 6x6 inches I think.

Oh, and in case you were

Oh, and in case you were interested,Version 2.0 of my kit uses a Crumpler camera bag (can't remember the name of course) so I carry my SLR with me. Those bags are AWESOME!

Bag Brand

Looks Stephanie's bag is by Koie. However, I could not find a very similar bag through any quick searches. Good Luck!

I have a similar one by Nine & Co, that I bought about 4 years ago. I'm trying to find other colors than the black one I have.