Planner and 3x5s

I would like to have some ideas (has anyone been successful with this?) about how I can combine my planner system with a full-blown 3x5 collection? I really want to combine the two and feel it in my bones but just don't know how to proceed. I started using my hipster (3x5s with a clamp) last week which I like. I am reading GTD by DA which is helping. It seems I am picking up bits and pieces but just can't get my teeth into what I want. Any and all ideas will be appreciated and studied by me. Thanks.

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Similar boat

I'm in a similar situation, though from the other angle -- I'm trying to learn how to incorporate a "satellite" system (the 3x5's) with my home-base (a FC planner at the moment.) I, too, am reading GTD and am somewhat disappointed that the book isn't all that actionable, so to speak -- great ideas, but a little skimpy on the execution beyond the concepts of working through your inbox.

I've decided to move to a Rolla/Circa system so I can build my own ideal-sized main planners, and still have an integrated way to bring in 3x5 notes, or whatever odd size I have on hand. The 3x5s are going to be my walking-around planner, with the larger size my in-office base station.

While I wait for the supplies to arrive, I've been messing about with prototypes for the different parts, figuring out what I like and don't like when it comes time to do this system for real. One philosophy that I first heard with Franklin is "punch everything", meaning that you need to keep all the loose bits of paper contained someone in your system if they are to be portable and find-able. In my case, I plan to have my "Someday/Maybe @ Errands" forms, a custom "Grocery List" form, etc. done up on 3x5s, but snapped into my main binder for capture. When I go for a walk or out for errands, I'll snap them out of the main planner and take off.

Good food for thought

Thanks Friends: I gathered several ideas from your comments. Never thought about using my Classic FP as a base and then use 3x5s as a sort of satelite capture system. Good one !! I am going to also check out your Rolla/Circa idea. Thanks for your comments on GTD. At times I think I must be too dense to pick up "What to DO" and I consider myself to be an intelligent person. Maybe it's not me after all which is good to hear. Finally, I like your grocery list errand list idea. Quite common sensical but ideas that I have not incorporated very well. Thanks for everything. I appreciate your down to earth response.