Waste not, Want not

I've been using a Filofax Personal size planner for a while now and was using 6"x4" index cards. I've now moved to an A5 planner but have accumulated a huge amount of blank index cards as per the size above. I seemed unable to pass a stationers without popping in to buy some more cards. The cards fit a Personal planner perfectly but at first sight appeared too small for the A5 size. But........if I punch them along the short side with 3 holes they will fit in the A5 planner. Obviously though the punched cards only fit in the top 3 rings.....so I've punched another set of cards which fit into the bottom 3 rings and I now have work projects in the top rings and home projects along the bottom. This easily separates out the two distincts sets and also means I'm using half the space I would normally require in the planner itself.

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That strikes me as a truly

That strikes me as a truly useful tip. As soon as I read it I wondered why I'd never thought of using cards in a planner. I think this idea could lend itself to many useful applications. Thanks!