Favourite writing utensil?

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Pens in current rotation

Pelikan M800 fountain pen, fine point; Pelikan R800 rollerball, fine point; Nakaya Wajima-nuri "Kikyo" (blue) fountain pen, flexible fine point.

I collect fountain pens, but I buy them to use. Now that I'm back to using a paper planner, I should break out something that fits well in the planner's pen loop, like a Namiki Vanishing Point or my little Pelikan M100.

(There are, of course, random ballpoints and G-2 gel pens around, too.)

So, what are you using today?

-- flexiblefine

Pens in Permanent Succession.

I have always used paper for planning, recording and timetabling. First preference is the Pentel Ball R50 rollerball (this should betray my age).

Started decades ago with Pelikan K100/D100 ballpen/pencil set. Then upgraded to a Montblanc 146, which IMHO was crap. Now Faber-Castell "Royal" emerald ballpen, Pelikan K400/D400 ballpen/pencil set at home, and any ole' swuzz of a rollerball, pencil and whatchagot-at-hand. But truly, the Montwonk's were crap.

Uniball Vision micro

from Sanford....

Smooth roller-ballish sort of pen, black black no-fade ink (not waterproof though!), very fine line, easy to write small with but also easy to "swash sig" with.... and much better for carting around than my expensive fountain pens (I have a really bad habit of losing things....)

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Mechanical Pencil

... because appointments and tasks are subject to change - and I hate it to work with white-out in my planner.

Rotation versus whim

For a while I was using a rotation scheme like flexiblefine... But more than half the time I'd think, "I wish I were using [fill in blank] instead of this one." So now I just use whatever I want to use, keeping the less-frequently used pens empty and cleaned, and the others full of Pelikan 4001 black ink.

For the last several weeks I've had a Pelikan M-600, a Lamy 2000, a vintage Parker "51" Special, and a Cesare Emiliano Cassiopeia on my desk, using all of them on whim.

I must say that whenever I use the Lamy 2000 I wonder why I ever write with anything else; the only other pen I possess that makes me feel that way is my Pelikan M-800--currently not in use...

"Rotation" is perhaps overstatement

I don't have an actual plan to rotate pens and make sure they all get use -- I do much like you, usually switching pens out when they're dry. Flush and replace with whatever strikes my fancy.

My Lamy 2000 is also wonderful. I guess that's why they've been making them for something like 40 years now. The pen is just right in my hand.

And I've got an Omas celluloid Paragon that's just amazing, too.

I tell myself that I ought to go through my pens and figure out which ones I really like to use and which ones just sit, but I never get to it. Maybe that should be a Someday/Maybe in my planner...

-- flexiblefine

I use a Uniball, too

I also use a pen from Sanford / Uniball, the Uniball Signo 207. It's a retractable gel pen with a rubber grip, and it writes more smoothly than just about any pen I've ever written with. I find the black ink to be incredibly dark, which I like. You can get a 12-pack from Amazon for $19.99, making them both a pleasure to use and ok to lose. Nice combination. I keep one in my shirt pocket with my Hipster and a spare one in my planner.

Fountain Pen

I use a Platinum #3776 Fountain pen. It is a Japanese fountain pen that makes an impossibly fine line. I have many pens in my collection but this is my favorite for writing in my journal.

Waterman Hemisphere

My favourite pen is a Waterman Hemisphere, which I just love writing with. Although not an inexpensive fountain pen, I don't think it classes as collectable either. I also have a no-name fountain pen with a wooden barrel that I've had for nearly twenty years now, and that's pretty good.

But fountain pens aren't really practical for having with you all the time. When it comes to alternatives, it has to be a gel pen, preferably a Pilot G2. I've just got hold of one of the new Pilot G2 Mini pens, and it's great for carrying around in my back pocket with my Hipster PDA. Around about the size of a Fisher space pen, but it's a gel pen. Marvellous!

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Old fashioned

Dixon Ticonderoga 2.5. Screw mechanical pencils, they can't compete.

I've been using the G2 Pro

I've been using the G2 Pro and also a UniBall Signo as of late. I cant decide on just one so I tend to switch back & forth.


I also alternate between a G2 and Uni Signo, in my shirt pocket, during work. I carry a Cross Ion in my pocket evengings/weekends, and a Cross Tech3 multi in my planner.

Gotta love variety!


Cross Ion

Hey! Another Cross Ion user. Cool. I've kept one of those in my pocket for at least 3 years. I can't tell you how many times before that I ran into old friends I hadn't seen in a while and had the typical "Can I have your phone number? Do you have a pen and something to write on?" conversation. A Cross Ion on the keychain fixes the pen problem, and I finally have the second part of the solution: wallet sized notecards. I don't go anywhere without my wallet and car keys, so this way I'm guaranteed to always have some way to capture information.

I think the Cross Ion is maybe only the third pen I've had in my entire life that ran out of ink before it was broken, lost, stolen, or just decided I didn't like it. I actually LOST my first Cross Ion and bought a second. On my second now and had a scare - when I went to buy a refill Staples was selling them really, really cheap and was told they weren't being made any more! Luckily, now they have some nicer sturdier looking ones so I guess it was just a new model being worked on.

I also have blue, red, and black Mini Pilot G2 pens, and a couple mechanical pencils. I think a multi-pen with a pencil function and a highlighter would be my ideal writing utensil for my planner, but I haven't looked into that yet.


No keychains here

I have a big enough wad of keys as it is, so that doesn't work for me. I just have mine in my pocket. Always available there. I find it doesn't really write fine enough for me - my Signo is a micro point - but the compact-ness of the closed pen far outweighs that. I like the G2 minis also, but they aren't pocktable - too easy to break.


Pen-dulum Swings

For years the only pen I used was a black quad point I bought from FC. I've signed some important documents with that pen. I also liked that it had a pencil for writing appointments on my calendar, since a pen and a calendar should never meet. But then the pencil stopped working correctly. I bought a mechanical pencil and carried in tandem with the quad pen.

Since coming to DIYplanner, I've been bitten by the pen bug. In December I bought a fountain pen to use for journalling. Recently I've started using Uniball Signo pens, both micro and fine point (medium, really). The medium is the smoothest writing pen ever.

I use them all. Whichever one is most handy gets used.


Inka Pen

Has anyone tried an Inka Pen? The designer sent me one to review for another site. It is a ball-point, but has pressurized ink, so it even writes in sub-zero temps. Check it out: http://www.inkacorp.com/inkapen.html


Yes, I said "Goose-feather quill"

My hobby is calligraphy mixed with a lot of Renaissance Festival and historical re-creation (I hyphenate to emphasize the "create again" meaning). Not only do I write with them, I can create one from a "raw" feather.

It is my favorite, but not one I use every day.
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