D*I*Y Planner in the UK media


Been meaning to write up a forum post about this for some time. A number of this month's UK computer magazines are giving away a pilot issue of a magazine called Mobile Computing (mine came with Computer Shopper), which may or may not make it to a regular monthly title. Aimed mainly at laptop and Tablet PC users, this pilot issue has an article on D*I*Y Planner, used in an intriguing way.

Basically, the article recommends D*I*Y Planner as a good resource for Tablet PC users who use the Windows Journal application (which apparently comes with Tablet PCs -- I know nothing about it myself). It describes how you can import pages from the D*I*Y Planner PDF download into this Journal application, and then use them as templates for writing on using digital ink. Which I guess leaves you using an analog planner, but in a digital way...

I must admit, I'm not sure whether to applaud the article for it's near genius twist, or laugh at the irony, but I was very surprised when I flicked through the magazine and suddenly saw screenshots of D*I*Y Planner templates!

Has anyone else in the UK seen this?

Unfortunately, the article obviously went to press a little too soon for the birth of DIYPlanner.com: it mentions the Million Monkeys Typing site. It also (even more unfortunately IMO), uses a TinyURL as a link, and doesn't actually mention DJ at all. Still, at least it attributes D*I*Y Planner to AMMT, which is something.

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D*I*Y Planner in UK Mobile Computing

Thanks for bringing the article to my attention, Neal. That's the first I've heard of it. (Can you, or some kind soul, scan in the article and send it to me for the records?)

Oddly enough, this twist on using D*I*Y Planner forms has been discussed a number of times in the past, both on my AMMT blog and on various other blogs and forums. People like the layout and call-back to paper, but still want to have digital archives of what they've done. If I had a TabletPC --and MS OneNote, the software most of them use-- I could see wanting to do the same thing, but I don't see one in my near future. (That is, unless some manufacturer wants to send me a freebie for a review? ;-) No, I didn't think so. Doesn't hurt to ask....)

all my best,

Scanning the article

Hi Doug

I'd be more than happy to scan the article and send it to you. I'll try and get it done today.

All the best
Neal | http://porkpop.blogspot.com/