Calendar question...

Hi guys,

First of all, Douglas, GREAT JOB! This is the first time I found your site, and I am IMPRESSED. I had gotten so aggravated with soooo expensive planners, that really didn't get the job done as well (Yes, I come from a Day-Runner to Day-Timer to FC to palmtop and back to paper background...instead of evolving, I turned into a planner frankenstein).

Anyhow...I have a quick question. Is there any way to create dated Day Keeper calendars in the 5.5x8.5 2 up format? I know it would be a lot to ask from someone who's working so hard anyway, and not getting paid. I wish I could help...but I wouldn't really know where to start. Although, I did download the developer kit, so maybe I can play with it a little and come up with something. It would be so cool to be able to have an ENTIRE planner all ready for printing/cutting/punching, dates and everything...

Again, thanks so much,

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Daily calendar and "fields"

Well, I can say with every degree of certainty that I won't be manually producing daily calendars for every day of the year. (The monthly ones are tough enough.)

Notice I said manually. The new version of the Widget Kit will have most of the standard calendar widgets in it (and, in fact, I think all the Day Keeper ones are already there). If there's an wizard out there who wants to take on the task, it's possible to insert date fields right into the template so that the process can be automated. While I don't think I'll tackle this myself, anyone interested in trying this can certainly get in touch with me and we can figure out the best way to give it a whirl.

(Extrapolating from this thought, it's possible to insert almost anything into any of the templates once it's recreated in OOo. Opens a lot of possibilities, eh?)

all my best,


OOoMacros for Day Calendars

Your comments made me go searching the 'net. And, within a couple of minutes, I found something:

There's a page of OOoMacros available that includes a pretty simple Day Calendar creator by Danny Brewer (scroll down). You just have to provide the template. Seems pretty straightforward -- so long as the template's in Open office. The documentation's in the T40.CalendarDayPage-2003-12-04-02.sxd file.

I'm playing around with it at the moment. If I can get something to look nice, I'll post the template to this website.