Mobile Computer: "Say goodbye to paper"

UK Mobile Computing ArticleEvery now and then, someone points me in the direction of some press article about the D*I*Y Planner that I knew nothing about. This time it was our good friend Neal Dench who mentioned that the project has appeared in the pilot issue (November 2005) of the new UK magazine Mobile Computer, and he was also kind enough to forward a scan of the page. Click on the thumbnail to read the article in a new window.

Of course, there's a special irony at work here. The teaser reads: "Tablet PCs are perfect for jotting down notes but, with a little effort, you can create an electronic Filofax-style planner and say goodbye to paper for good." (If you don't know why this is ironic, you're probably on the wrong site.)

But let me be the first to say that there's nothing wrong with doing something like this. I've always been to first person to chime in, "Use the best tool for the job," and for many people --including a few friends of mine-- the Tablet PC is the best tool. As an information designer, the notion that some people like the idea of paper- planner style templates in conjunction with MS Journal or OneNote is not at all disconcerting to me. Perhaps some day I'll even give it a whirl, but till then I'm more than happy with my leather Day Runner, real paper, and a good pen.

Anyone here already doing this sort of thing? I'd be interested in your thoughts.

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Goodbye Stylus, Hello (again) to Style

I made a decision on Friday. After more than five years with a Palm PDA (Palm Professional, Handspring Visor Deluxe, Sony Clie T615C, Palm Tungsten E) I am going BACK to Franklin Planner. Yep. I miss the paper life. The paper organization. I live mostly on paper, other than email. It's time to re-connect to paper. Wish me well...

Good luck on the "re-connection"

... and be sure to simplify to cut loose some of that digital baggage. Plus, you seem to be in good company: don't be afraid to post your experiences in the forums, since a lot of other people are undergoing the same transition and could certainly benefit from discussing the topic.

all my best,


I am a tablet pc user and

I am a tablet pc user and sort of use DIY planner on my OneNote. I have to say it is a bit awkward. DIY planner is far more paper-friendly than tablet-friendly.

Paper versus Tablet PC, et al

I've tried electronic PDAs, MS Office, electronic day planners, Sieze the Day software, and so on ad nauseum. I've never been able to get them to work for me.

Likewise, I've tried cheap to expensive paper-based planners with the same lackluster results. They're too clunky for me; I'd rather do without than drag them around. The layout and content of the available forms is never what I need or prefer.

However, I'm excited about the DIY hPDA idea. I think this could actually work for me. It's small, easy to use and doesn't require recharging or a briefcase in which to tote it.


Seize the Day

software? Do you have a link for that?

NOTHING is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool! [Silvermoon's Law]

D.l.Y. on a Tablet

I've just spent the past hour taking the pages I liked from the DIY Planner and created "stationary" within OneNote.

I'm planning on using them with my digital handwriting just as if I were using the paper version.