Writing implements:Three-in-one suggestions?

Here's what I am interested in based on my currently developing system:

One writing implement with a blue pen, red pen and a mechanical pencil.

I use the pencil to write general notes, pieces of information that might be of interest later or for reference. This is a regular bullet point in my note-taking system.

I use the blue pen to write ideas. In my system I mark these with a box around the bullet point, I'm attempting to put a letter in the box indicating the area in which this idea applies (personal, professional, etc)

The red pen will be used for next steps / action items which I mark with a triangle, and also attempt the same lettering system.

I have a writing implement with all three elements, but it's in my car and I'm pretty sure it's moderately expensive. Are there any economical options? And how do you replace the ink in these things?

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Try Autopoint

I got an Autopoint Crosshatch 4-in-one pen for $6.99. It's metal and has black ink, blue ink, .5mm pencil, and an orange underlighter. However, you can specify the ink colors when you place your order (place your request in the comments field of the order form).


Google is my friend


Also, one of the links Google turned up says that a Space Pen refill will fit in this pen. Them's the pressurized thangs that let you write upside-downey and such.

Schweeeet. :)
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Quirky Pencil

Good luck finding a pen/pencil combo! I have a quad point pen I purchased from FC about ten years ago. It has red, blue, and black inks, plus a pencil. However the pencil hasn't worked worth a darn since I purchased it. I sang my tale of woe to one of the associates at a local FC retail location, and he gave me the address where to send the pen for repair. I sent it in, and they fixed it. However, after a few weeks the same problem materialized (the lead won't advance in the chamber). I don't like screwing around with it, so I have just given up.

I still carry the pen, and its one of my favorites....but I also carry a separate mechanical pencil.


You might want to take a

You might want to take a look at the Lamy Tri Pen ST. It does exactly what you describe.

Lamy website

Lamy, good stuff

I have several Lamy pieces. I have found the 4 and 3 Pen's those are nice. Just have to find a place that might sell them, and then rationalize spending money on a pen when I get cheap one's for free at work.

try Staples

I just got a Quatrex (a Staples brand) four-in-one multi-function pen for 5 dollars. It came with three ink colors (blue, black, and red), a pencil, and an optional stylus point. I haven’t taken it out the package yet, but, for 5 bucks, if I don’t like it I’ll give it to my son. I do have my doubts about the pencil, it is 0.7 mm which is too thick, and I tend to be very fussy with my pencils. Maybe if I think of this one just for planner use and carry a “real” one for math and diagrams, I’ll be ok.

Anyway, just wanted to pass this along.

Lisa PT

ooo pretty

Ygor gave me a link and I clicked a couple times and found this... its pretty TA DA

my artwork | my blog

Source of multi-pens...

BIC has an e.3 pen/pencil/stylus combination, but it doesn't have both red and blue pens. There are a number of other companies that sell combo pens, including Platinum, Sanford, Lamy, etc.

Here's a great site to find multi-pens: http://www.styluscentral.com/. I purchased a number of things from them when I was really "into" PDAs.

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I've been using a pen-pen-pencil multi writer for a while now. It's called the Gravity Pen and holds, by default, a black and red pen with 0.5mm pencil. The refill kit comes with blue. It's ferro magentic, so it sticks well in my LV Portable Office.

It appears that the Gravity Pen is similar to this T3 by Cross. Not sure though.


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I love my Cross Tech3 - wouldn't be without it. One negative, especially to this thread, it that the ink refills come only in red or black, no blue. I don't know if any non-cross refills would fit or not.

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What do your refills look like? The ones for my Gravity Pen are about 3.5", silver metallic - same length as a Gerber Shortcut pocket tool. I was thinking, but had no way to verify, that Cross and the Gravity pen have a common manufacturer. I recall looking at the refills on the Cross site and they seemed to look the same. You can see the refills LV offers here: refills.

May they work for you - they have blue.


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You may be right. The Cross refills are also about that size, and do look similar to those on the Gravity Pens website. Too bad those come in a mixed pack. Personally it isn't an issue for me - I use black - but my comment was more towards OrgIdiot's original thread starter. He used blue. Perhaps someone will finout one day and let us all know :)

Thanks for the input...
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Yes, I feel that - I actually prefer blue, especially if I'm marking on printed material. But for my writing/noting, I'm adjusting to black. Once it runs out, blue will stop by for the next lap.

BTW - how's the life of the Cross refills? I've been using my LV Gravity daily since December and still haven't changed any carts. The black may be close to going though.

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Good So Far

I got my Tech3 for Christmas and while I don't use it constantly, the original refills are still going strong.

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