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Must... contain... wallet...

Aside from the profile, do we have proof that this is the really-real Levenger behind this? I've seen quite a lot of dubious stuff on eBay.

Levenger Outlet : eBay

    do we have proof that this is the really-real Levenger behind this?


I was fortunate enough to meet Gregg during part of his training at headquarters. His openness to feedback and honest conversation about the products represented impressed me a great deal. I am excited to see the developments over the next few months, as he builds this new service from the ground up.


That's exactly what I wanted to hear

And the very person I wanted to hear it from. Thanks Ryan!

can't wait

Wow! Building something like this from the ground up is no small task. I can't wait to see more Circa items show up there :-)


Must be brand new - there's

Must be brand new - there's no auction under five days (at the time of my visit). It does make one wonder, doesn't it? Any way to confirm? It says it's out of Tennessee, which is where Levenger's has a warehouse, I believe.

Edited to say that I wrote this just as Ryan was posting. Thank's Ryan!

I am in so much trouble now.

I am in so much trouble now.

Bad. This is bad. This is bookmarked.

Already bought something. Sigh.

I am in so much trouble now.


I added it to my del.icio.us account. I'm in REAL trouble. Also tonight my wife saw my current collection of Circa/Rollabind notebooks for the first time. I'd shown her two, so she knew I had them, she just didn't realize how many. She's like "Where'd these come from?" Luckily about half my notebooks are either homemade or made up of stuff I got from Ryan, so I'm not in too much trouble as long as she doesn't ask how much the desktop punch was.

I just need a few more rings and a couple more sets of Junior size covers and I'll be all set. For at least a week anyway ;-) Why are these things so addictive?


I think....

Why are these things so addictive?

I think it's because they just work!

I remember my days of playing with standard three-ring binders. When setting them up, they are a joy, but after using one for a few weeks or months, I always got frustrated. My last one was doubly and triply-so. After a few weeks of use, it was so full, that moving pages--which I desperately needed to do--became an effort in frustration and futility. I would have to remove half my book to move things, and the holes were getting worn out, and then my rings started getting bent somehow, and not closing properly, which would catch the pages, making it worse. However, it was still better than strictly electronic, so I put up with it.

However, just _looking_ at the Circa, I _knew_ it would work, and now, after a week of it, I'm still in love with how seamlessly and effortlessly it works--it just works! _That's_ why it's addictive to me! Oh, and I've gone and made bunches of notebooks--simply because it's so easy! paper and rings... (and thick cardstock or paper for covers--someday, I'll get some clear plastic covers for the important books, too.) ;-)


I feel your pain...

I was on vacation last week, taking the family down to DC. I was able to conveniently work in a stop at Tysons Corners on our way into town and *gasp* they just happened to have a Levengers! "Look at that, Honey - a Levengers store! I'm going to pop in and see what they have..." :-)

Anywho, I "browsed" while she was at Build-A-Bear with the kids, and came out with a desktop punch, a classic starter set, a classic freebie trial notebook, a 3x5 notebook and a couple sleeves of disks. All for just $130! Which is about what I figured to spend of course. Needless to say, when my wife saw the receipt she was NOT a happy girl. "ANOTHER hole punch?!" "But Honey, it's not a REGULAR hole punch!"

So I'm happily smurfing my way to the dark side, and she'll get over it soon enough.


I never finish anyth

But look at it this way...

you/she probably dropped at least half that at build-a-bear if they built bears and your stuff was actually functional, not something to be abandoned when the next stuffed thing comes along. Or maybe your kids aren't as fickle as mine with stuff critters but we seem to have a big pile of them that get used/loved for a short time then abandoned. Wait, that description applies to my organization systems too. As Emily Litella would say... "never mind."


I love playing with the system... like my notebook covers out of regular folders. That was a fun idea that worked!

Oh and we all love the looks we get from people who are curious about what we are using. admit it!

I think it really helps out with the "oh this doesnt work anymore" problem. There isn't a "damn i have to copy all this stuff over now" moment ... which used to induce fits of rage or sadness... just slip the old in with the new OR hack a way of having it with. :D

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ADS4830 levenger circa refill

Got busy over the holidays and forget to order a refill for my Circa Jr. and now I cannot find one. Was referred by Levenger's to 3 stores in Chicago, Boston and Boca Raton, but they did not have one. Does anyone have a suggestion where I might find one? Google search has proved fruitless. I am lost with my "book."

ADS4830: I may be able to help you...

Since you used the word "refill", I hope you are actually talking about the ADS4615 Circa 2010 Junior Standard Weekly Agenda Refill priced at $28 (just the refill, no rings/covers)and not the ADS4830 Circa 2010 Junior Standard Weekly Agenda Notebook (with rings/covers) priced at $38.

I have an unopened ADS4615 refill at $28 that I have decided not to use.

Maybe we could work something out where you would send me, say, a B&N or Starbucks card (Mmmmm...books and coffee) and I would drop the refill to you via Flat Rate Priority Mail.

Become a D*I*Y Planner member (you won't regret it) and email me if you are interested.

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Circa Refill

You may the answer to my prayers, Kerowyn. I was told by a clerk at Levenger's that what I was looking for was a ADS4830, but she was also the person who told me that had a refill in Chicago, so now I am not sure.

Let me describe what I have. I have a Circa Master Folio in the junior size. First page "CIRCA AGENDA" shows a clock. It has large flat plastic rings w/ removable pages and when it is open shows a whole week from Monday to Sunday. Does this sound like the ADS4615?

What is a D*I*Y* Planner member?

As far from a computer geek as you can get

The Circa Junior Agenda refill is...

...all of the white weekly pages BETWEEN the clock cover. Cheaper that way.

Now that you have the correct ADS4615 stock number, you can always try calling around again to various Levenger stores if that works better for you.

If you want my refill, though, you'll have to become a D*I*Y Planner website member to email me. Check out the "Login/Create Account" section just above "Active forum topics" section along the right-hand side of this web page.

Once you're a member, you can click on my name at the top of this post to get to a page where you can contact (email) me.

Hope this helps :-)

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