Franklin's Virtues

Would love to see a hPDA version of the Franklin's virtues matrix, blank of course so one could modify it for their own virtues or whatever it is you're trying to review on a weekly basis. Same spacing, # rows, etc. as the original would be great.

Classic size would be nice too.

This matrix is probably not news to many of you, but Discussion/example over here in case you're wondering:

Would dive into the widget kit myself, but way too little time to get into it right now. Anyone interested?

TIA. - Ed

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Use the D*I*Y Matrix

Hi Anonymous Ed.

Why wouldn't you use the D*I*Y planner's Matrix page (see Enter the Matrix for a sample)?

Benjamin Franklin had several sayings written along the top, and the Matrix certainly has space for it. By dividing a column on the landscape page - you'd even have the seven columns needed.

So what would your 13 virtues be?

My Ideal Virtues Matrix

Sorry for the Anonymous post folks. I'm not much of a forum guy, but I do know that's generally frowned upon in these circles. Took the plunge and set up a real account, using Rebecca's kind label for me. :)

Yes, the Matrix would seem to serve my needs. And I know that's what it's for: tracking of all sorts of things. Except that a) I wish that the Classic version had seven data columns instead of six, and b) I was really hoping to get something in the hPDA version (with 7 narrow data columns). In my perfect world, the hPDA version would also take away some of the rows to make for more blank space at the top (like Franklin's version) to describe something in more detail.

If nobody bites, I might just do a 'hack' and use the landscape version of the Classic Matrix, split the first column, and paste it in the cover of my journal with removable tape. Or fold it and keep it in my card stack. But I'd still throw in a request for copycat versions of Ben's matrix in the DIY version 3.0 packages.

To answer your question Rebecca, I was thinking of using it to track areas of prayer, focusing on one of 13 areas each week, but not neglecting the others (e.g., My soul/character, my marriage, my kids, my work, world events, etc..) you get the idea. I was just impressed with Ben's method of rotating through 13 key areas 4x/year, focusing on one virtue per week but not forgetting the others. I also think it'd be nice for tracking other desired areas of self-improvement (e.g, reading, professional development, fasting, healthy eating, exercise, date nights, etc.)

Thanks all, great product.

- Ed

Virtues matrix

Hmm. An interesting concept, to be sure.

I'll give this a whirl as a set of hPDA cards. Stay tuned.

Update: Here you go -