Looks like these folks think I went too far with my hipster stack (as if!)

Anyway, I'd welcome them to the club, but can't seem to type cyrillic in their comments section.

Might be an interesting site to keep an eye on.

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hello from Russia!

Hi, John. In this post (I'm the only author of I just said that mission of this site is not a review of new kind of hipsters (even perfect ones!) Your hipster version was just an example of what I'm _not going to review_ - not because you went too far, but because there's enough information about it in the net and I'm going to give only "entry points" to my readers from where they can start travel through big and bright world of lifehack. So it's ok.

Hello for the States!

Hi Denis

Thanks for the clarification. Sorry if I missrepresented your post. I used Bable Fish, and it was hard to figure out.

Best of luck with! It will be great to see stuff we would have missed.