What's the best way of clocking time?

Hi all,

I've just taken the jump to a full D*I*Y planner GTD solution this morning (hurrah, I hear you say).

My main problem at the moment is that I clock time for just about everything, to make sure I'm actually getting enough work done :) Some of the clocked time is billable, some isn't.

What are people's thoughts on how to clock time efficiently and effectively with a D*I*Y planner template? My current method uses a matrix, with companies across the top and one line for an 'in' and one for an 'out', but it seems rather inefficient. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

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Computer-bound - interested too

This is one of the things that I still do in digital form, and would be interested in how others address the problem. I currently use Daynotez (a Palm app, but with a Windows desktop app as well, and it's actually the Windows side that I use most.)

I guess I could just go to a diary-based solution, but I'm not ready to make the jump just yet.
Neal | http://porkpop.blogspot.com/