Noguchi Yukio filing system

I just came across some links to a different paper filing system. It's designed by a Japanese man by the name of Noguchi Yukio and makes great sense to me. had a blog entry on it that didn't say much here:

And the basic explanation of the system is here:

Now I just have to decide what kind of envelopes to use but I think a stack of "In" trays might work in a pinch.

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Thanks for the tip. This

Thanks for the tip. This system looks like it could be interesting, yet before I go and migrate all my reference material, I'd like to get some more feedback on this system. Anyone know of any good reviews?

Noguchi filing system.


I came across the Noguchi filing system a short while ago, and I've had a try at using it. It's interesting; the main difficulty I've found is trying to avoid normal filing system behaviour, eg alphabetical ordering, labelling, everything having a specific place etc. Mind you, it's almost compelling watching files struggle to avoid the long fall to the right of the shelf. Very darwinian!

I found about it at:

It's a portal, but it has some useful links on it, but mostly they're more conventional...