Yummy Catalogues

I'd like to start a thread compiling free mail-order catalogues dealing with planners, creative supplies, fountain pens, and so on. If you have one, please leave the web address and note if the catalogue is country-specific.

I'll start....

Levenger Catalog for high-end items like index card wallets, bleachers, portfolios, and so forth. No note of limitations per country (I'm in Canada and could order one), but there there is a limited list of states and provinces.

DayRunner.com is a supplier of quality planners. Only available to US addresses. AND the feedback form is broken. Grrr.

DayTimer.com is another provider of good planners/refills/etc., but does not ship to non-US addresses.

Franklin-Covey is of course one of the premium (read: high-priced) planner companies, but at least they'll send catalogues outside of the US.

Any other recommendations, people?


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Full size or half size, spiral bound or loose-leaf, undated pages. Nice for planning notes on the page that faces the calendar.

Catalogs and pens

I've seen Lizell suggested as a Levenger competitor. Their online catalog request is broken, but I've sent them an e-mail about it. (Roaming around their web site, though, they don't seem to have quite the same selection of yumminess as Levenger.)

For fountain pens, you might try Fountain Pen Hospital, Joon, or Fahrney's.

That's a start, I guess. I'm sure there are plenty of other options.



The MeadWestvaco At-A-Glance Catalog.



I'm not sure if they deal with orders outside Europe.
There's a great 'office' section

manufactum catalog

How do I get print catalog from Manufactum? Thanks!

Beautiful Binders

Mostly letter sized, but a few half-sized, including an aluminum choice.

I like to keep my eye on this, just in case they ever lower their minimum order.

Colorado Pen Company


Their paper catalog is infinitely nicer than their online pages....

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to/ from Italy

Yes, Levenger ships around the world, I just received may packs of index cards. Warning: paper is HEAVY = shipping is expensive!

From Italy, and shipping in USA too, you might want to look at http://www.ciak.fi.it/ (right upper corner for english version)

if paper is just not retro enough for you...

i thought this was so funny and strangely beautiful i had to share this:


p*phone comes in pink too. (and even shares the retro d*I*y asterix in common.) not as light as the hipster, but just as stylish...



My Hipster PDA is Rollabound! It's a great binding system. The punch is expensive, but once you have it, you can punch just about anything to fit your planner.

fashion forward planners

Filofax seems to be the one planner company catering to women. How can a girl resist. I'm not sure if I like the capri (which looks like a cute handbag)or the new rio line more. Good colour therapy while you take charge of your life, but does d*i*y make templates to fit any of these sizes? I should know this.


oops sorry... i meant capri

oops sorry... i meant capri and piazza (although the rio line is not bad.) I wonder if i can find a capri on e-bay? Now this would make a nice easter present. A girl can dream... I won't find this in the stores here. And a cool tote or handbag to carry it around with my moleskine and hipster and i'm set to be inspired and productive.

Keep up the good work folks. (-:



here we go, but on second thought I like the piazza (in pink?) better.


The Belle would be nice, but not fussy about the pin up girl on button closure. Not quite the professional edge I was hoping for.

[Note: Links fixed. Sard]

Term Logic...

I agree Filofax make atractive organisers. They also make the official Breast Cancer Campaign Organiser Sadly not all the D*I*Y Forms are available in 6 3/4" x 3 3/4" (95mm x 171mm) and not all Filofax cover are A5. :(

They are not marketed as

They are not marketed as planners, but Russel+Hazel makes nice, girly notebooks and the Mini size should work with the Classic D*I*Y size http://store.yahoo.com/russellandhazel/minibinder.html

Thanks for the link McHall.

Thanks for the link McHall. Those "chicklet adhesive notes" are not bad colour theraphy either. I think it would be hard to have a bad day using post-its in your note book/moleskine/planner with such distinctive colour and design. There are times when a little change can be as good as a vacation. :-)

Datebooks and Harvard planner links

Harvard planners
They have a detailed system for tracking tasks that I found overwhelming--I worried so much about not having to learn their system that I forgot to track my tasks.

Datebooks--a nice simple planner that's got pages listing city events, airport maps, team schedules, monthly and weekly views. Spiral bound A5 with perforated corners and 2 pockets bound in--there's a Christian version, and versions for about 40 different US cities.




a pretty good, fairly flexible system

Fave paper site

One I haven't seen mentioned is:


(Remember the 'the' at the beginning.)

I order my Filofax supplies from them, especially now that my local store has cut back on Filofax inserts. This site has lots and lots of paper goodies plus some lovely pens and accessories. Couldn't resist the rainbow Fisher pen.

Manufactum catalog

How do I get one? I do not want to shop on line! Help.