"It's not a purse!"

For those other men who go shopping for bags, only to be discouraged by the fact that everything has more than a hint of femininity, here's an interesting page with plenty of links and pictures of various man-bags, entitled, appropriately enough:

Or, of course, you can always treat your more adventurous side with a WWII "MkVII" British Gas Mask Bag. Ah, the hidden joys in army surplus stores....


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If you get something big

If you get something big enough, it stops being in the realm of the purse and becomes a satchel :P. I'm a big fan of the WiseWalker Tote, sold at the Container Store. It has convenient pouches for everything from a book, to a water bottle, to keys, and it is durable enough that is has already survived three months of constant use without any sign of wear (for reference, I am not gentle with my stuff and I've never had a textbook that didn't look like crap after 2 weeks). Check it out.


H&M man-bag

H&M in the UK (and perhaps elsewhere) are selling a man-bag this year that's not unlike the "Indy" gas bag. A few more details -- it has a couple of side pockets for items like mobiles and mp3 players that Indy probably wouldn't have needed -- but it's a nice simple bag if you need something big and not too fussy. Comes in green (and I think there's a brown and maybe a black too), made of canvas with webbing shoulder strap. I tend to drag it around at weekends if I'm in the shops and want something to carry smaller purchases in.

Fairly cheap too. Under £10 if I recall correctly.

I would give you a link, but the H&M website is a horrible Flash thing that doesn't even seem to give you access to a proper catalog!
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In the UK the women's

In the UK the women's version is called a 'handbag' so I'd suggest 'him-bag' or 'homme-bag'