Classic Ring Size

What would most people use for the classic planner ring size? 1 inch, 1.5 inch or 2 inch? (2 inch can be found at Daytimers).

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It depends on how much you

It depends on how much you want to keep in your planner. Two inches can be unwieldly if you keep a lean planner. One inch can be insufficient if you want to keep your whole life (most of it, anyway) in the planner. The commercial planner catalogs usually tell you what ring size to use in relation to the number of pages you plan to stuff your binder with. (Maybe DJ does, too, somewhere; if so, my apologies.)

Life situation....

I would say it depends on your life situation. When I worked an 80 mile round trip from home, a quarter calendar-wise in my planner was sufficient (1 inch rings). Now that I'm freelancing from home, a year isn't a problem, because the main planner (2 inch rings - and 2.5 inch would be better) lives on my desk in front of my dual monitors, and the "bits n pieces" travel with me.

It's all dependant on your current habits, work-life-style, and needs.

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Beware the binder, too

I've been carrying an old Day-Timer leather binder, and I'll warn you that the usable ring space depends on the binder. I believe this binder has 1 inch rings, but the thickness of the biner parts -- the curved spine, the pockets, etc. -- means it has less usable ring space than a $2.00 binder purchased at my local office supply store.

I've just moved my planner into one of those plain binders, and I'm glad to have the extra space. I can put my projects back in my binder!

Does anyone have recommendations for plain binders with some kind of closure?


I would like to suggest that

I would like to suggest that you only carry two months of dated pages in your binder. That is the current month and the following month. The rest of the binder should be filled with your project pages, monthly calendars, contacts lists etc. A good book to look at is "Taming Time". This will give you lots more information and lots of ideas for use of your organiser.

Not carrying dated pages

I'm not really carrying "dated pages" at all. I have some double-wide "Weekly Planning" pages that I fold over "Notes" pages that I fill during the week. I keep about two weeks of "Notes" pages in my binder, plus the monthly calendar pages, project outlines, etc. you mention.

The ring sizes on my leather binder and my plain binder are the same, but I have easier access to my pages with the plain binder.

I'll probably take some stuff out of my binder soon anyway, when it really becomes clear to me that I'm not referring to my GTD section except for a weekly review checklist.