David Seah's Printable CEO

Seems like a great idea for the self employed business folks.

The game theory of points towards goals could be applied in a number of areas.

Check it out

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Printable CEO


I ran across this site last week just following links from one geek/productivity blog to another.

I find his concepts very compelling, but I am trying to decide whether I want to try the points concept. My motivation definitely needs help, I just wonder if I'm really that motivated by the concept of beating my own score.

I used to play Pong one hand against the other hand (only child strategy, don'tcha know?). It was never really about the score, but about which hand won. At this point I don't remember which hand was better. :) When I played Everquest, the desire to level up, buy goodies, and become more powerful was definitely a motivator, but that faltered long about 15th level or so, when it started getting really painful to work in teams with other folks to kill bigger badder beasties. Took too long.

Anyway, I am still trying to decide what *would* be my motivator if sheer points weren't it. Would it be a reward of time on personal pursuits based on the amount of time spent on good productive work work? I don't want to resent my work as an obstacle to my play, honestly. :) I don't like to use food as a reward anymore, too fat as it is. So what could it be? Can't really afford to give myself money each day to spend on play toys..

If the reward is too small, it won't be a motivator anyway. OK, keeping my job is reasonable motivation, but that's sort of the minimum daily requirement motivation. There don't seem to be promotions to earn at this point, and raises & bonuses are too long delayed to be a daily motivator. So where's the motivator to do more, faster, better at work? *sigh*

If you're not motivated by the gamer's desire to beat your own score, what *would* you be motivated by that you can keep track of with tickmarks to cash in later?


The points system does

The points system does provide a fairly easy way to determine if you are indeed approaching your goals, or not. If you're not - you can make more of an effort regarding some projects over others. Admittedly, when use the printable CEO I tend to use it more to track what I'm actually doing rather than focus on a specific project.