Collecting Data and Graphing It for Success

After reading about the Printable CEO, I was wondering if anyone else takes the time to collect data about the stuff that they do. I've encountered this concept mostly in the context of exercise motivation, but it makes so much sense to apply it to other things.

What's also interesting is that, although the idea of using charts and graphs is very well known to be useful for visualizing and analyzing data in the business world, it is very rare to see it applied in a personal improvement context. Sometimes I see it as a feature of exercise tracking software, but it's such a powerful technique for motivation in general, as if it only makes sense to see a graph if it is computer generated.

I did some experimentation with printing my own custom grid ruled index cards for the purposes of charting stuff and it seems to work well, so hopefully other people will find it useful.

My needs are pretty simple so my cards work just fine, but it might be interesting to see a DIY Planner template if people find this idea useful (Or maybe I'm the only one who has obsessive tendencies!).

- FullContactGEEK

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Graphing your progress is a

Graphing your progress is a good idea. One point a hypnosis teacher taught us was to reset your zero point every so often. When you see a lot of progress you eventually plateau yourself, by resetting your zero point you end up needing to see progress again instead of always reflecting on where you've been.

Food for thought, thanks for bringing up graphs, I'd kinda let them slide and this is reinvigorating.