8 1/2 X 5 1/2 Cover

need ideas for a professional looking cover for Circa Binder.

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many options

You could cut down and punch a variety of materials to keep a professional look.

Report covers, thin plastic folders, vellum, cardstock, etc.

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Heavy-duty folder, cutting mat

I found a heavy-duty plastic folder at Staples which is destined for use as a 3x5 mini-planner cover. If I have enough left over it's going to be at least one of the covers of my 5.5x8 planner. The other cover will be a flexible plastic cutting mat picked up for free.

Both just barely fit inside the desk punch opening.

How about...

a simple clear or frosted front cover and a solid color back cover ?

In the Business Style Rollabind pages, that's what they offer.
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Transparency + photo

I don't know how much abuse your notebook will have to stand up to, but a nice combo that I use is just to punch a transparency like you'd print overheads on and then behind it, a print of a striking black and white photo with plenty of white space, a bit like the covers that come with Levenger's plastic Circas.


instead of a photo, a simple, elegant font, with a simple title, well typeset (larger fonts require care in typesetting) under that clear cover.

Another trick, IMO, to spruce up your notebook is to get a corner-rounder, and round the corners. With a tasteful cover, either with a photo or the text-only cover, you should have a notebook that will fit in any board room, etc. yet also be striking enough to incite curiosity--and maybe more. ;-)


Who makes them?

I went looking for a corner-cutter at my local HobbyCraft shop the other day. Could only give five minutes to my search but no corner-cutters to be found. Perhaps if I knew the name of a manufacturer it would have been more successful. Alternatively any web shops who source these things?

a Google search?

It seems that corner punches seem to be an American speciality right now--scrapbooking and all. My wife bought ours our last stint in the US. So I'm no help there--but I think a Google search, or better yet, an eBay search, would turn up something. I think I can buy one here at Empik, but I don't know if that's an Euro-wide chain, or just here...



An interesting coincidence is that the company reported to have bought Rollabind also makes rotary cutters and corner punches.

Reppi, you are in London (according to your profile), so how about this LINK

Google is your friend !
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Punching in London

Cheers ygor. Knew someone would know. ;-)

Somewhere closish. Though London to Somerset is equivalent of a journey from New York to San Francisco. ;-) We're a little more parochial here and don't travel so far. But at least they are in the same country as me so shipping shouldn't be extortionate.

As you say "Google is my friend". With the manufactoruer and product codes now trying to find somewhere really local --- closest so far is 15 miles. ;-)

Thanks for the kick start now to do some shopping.

Own Brand

Seems my local HobbyCraft store stocks circular/corner punches --- excpet they don't have any plain ones in stock. Ones with frilly edges, ones with punch outs inside. But no plain ones. Space of the racks for them; just none in stock. Oh well. Maybe in a few weeks.

corner punch in the UK

I tried to get a plain corner punch here in Wales - small market town. The local stationer has a section for crafters with various corner punches, and all frilly, as yours, Reepie, but they were happy to add a plain one to their next order, and I should have it soon. Another way to get even round corners if you don't have too many to do at any time, would be to use a credit card (or similar plastic card) as a template. Small scissors follow the card easily and quickly without cutting the card. Wish I had thought of that before placing the order, as the radius is also a better size than the rather large one of the corner punch.

Maybe time to get an egg card

Credit card I use most often has a piece of the plastic missing; cracked off after I sat on my wallet. Will teach me not to put it in my back pocket. But the idea of using a card as a template is excellent. Perhaps I should apply for one of the mint cards being advertised all over British TV. (For out of towners, these cards have a distinctive large round corner in addition to the normal smaller ones.)

You may not regret it after all

Judy, from your site I know that you're very crafty and handy (and frugal!) but this may be a situation of "the right tool for the job." I picked up an inexpensive rounder from the scrapbooking section of the local craft mega-mart, and it's been invaluable for snipping covers and homemade tabs. A quick count of my two Rolla notebooks shows that I've done 24 corners thus far, and the punch does a far more reliable round edge than I could cut myself.

As has been pointed out many times here lately, Google is your friend if you are trying to find a source of these devices with more reasonable shipping.

Having your local stationer include this in their regular order seems like the least-stressful alternative to me, but again I'm not handy with sharp objects. :-)

No regrets

Friend, on reflection I don't really regret ordering the punch, it certainly will make cutting a lot easier, especially with a big project cutting hundreds of cards (and four corners each!). The only gripe I have is the rather large radius, taking away a big chunk from the cards. The credit card has just the right size radius to stop dog-eared corners, and not interfere too much with the printed area. For this particular project, every bit of the edge is prescious, but so is a professional look, so the punch was a must, I guess.

great corner rounder

EK Success makes a great corner rounder. Found at Hobby Lobby scrapbook section!
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got my corner punch now

and am very happy with it, £4 well spent. If it wasn't pointless for most jobs, I'd love to round any corner in site (and I've punched a few). Now all I need to be in punch heaven is the the Rollabind desk punch, which should

I sure hope...

You don't have to wait too much longer! I mailed it last Monday! Tomorrow will be 7 days. Reepie--do you remember how long yours took?

It will be good to know, however, how long this takes to get to you. We'll have a couple more folks in England who will be impatiently waiting for their binders. :-) So if you could let us know when you get it...



Senior Moment

It felt like a year; but sadly I can't remember how long exactly. I was just so happy that it had arrived that I don't recall how I acknowleged the fact. If email I've deleted the message.

You despatched it on the 19th and according to my planner I was using the punch before the 28th; thank godness for paper-based planners is all I can say. So no more than 9 days.

But thinking about it I did post here the day the parcel arrived .... drum roll ... much typing on keyboard ... more drum roll ... more mouse clicking so as to skim various posts ... cymbal clash ... as mentioned over in this post on the 26th April. So that's what ... oh, seven days.

Hope Judy of the Woods' arrives tommorrow which would be her seven days.



Jon, I've been in touch with

Jon, I've been in touch with Reepie to find out how long his took, as I have to be home for the delivery van (living out in the sticks). He said one week, so I am anticipating it as of tomorow. I will let you know when it arrieves. For one thing, I will be doing summersaults, and will have to share my joy with all of you - you understand these things :-s

Think about it ...

If it wasn't pointless for most jobs, I'd love to round any corner in site

That is pointless work !!
Or rather point-removal work
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I make bookmark cards like Nay Nay has... and I round the corners... I just love how it looks and it really doesn't take up much time :D

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Don't forget tabs

When I ran out of corners on my planner covers to round, I started making homemade page lifters/tabs with rounded corners. Very professional-looking!

Sounds bad...

We are talking about "pointless" work and about cutting all the corners. Out of context, we sound like terminally lazy slugs, don't we ?

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