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Hi there,

now try saying that 3 times... :)

Anyway, I've been trying to figure out a way to have both an online (well, pc based) calendar and a printed version without having to type/write everything twice and have so far come up with the Planplus (v5) software that let's me print onto Franklin Covey planner paper. This looks great for both addresses and calendar, especially considering that I can print daily or weekly pages, and also the notes pages (like next action lists, etc., which I have created using thinking rock gtd software).

Now my question is, before I bite the bullet and pay the $99 (ouch!) for the software...has anyone either experience with this or similar software? I really need it to be able to print to blank planner pages without massive re-formatting or chopping paper and keep an "online" copy for when I am at the computer.

Any tips, ideas, links, reviews, etc. greatly appreciated!!


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planplus is buggy

In my experience, planplus is very buggy software and doesn't play well with others. Too bad, because it has great potential. When you install it, for example, you have to go to the task manager and shut down every program that runs in the background, or the install doesn't "take." Of course, the way I found this out was by doing the install as per the provided directions and then having to go to tech support... One good thing is that tech support was always helpful!

If you do go with it, I'd definitely recommend making a comprehensive backup (or even ghosting an image) of your system before you install it.


love or hate it...

thanks for your advice frano! It seems from the various reviews on the web that people either love it and it works fine, or hate it and it crashes every few seconds...

the few hours I've had it on have been no problem, but I might just roll back the system to make a backup and then install it again.

I haven't found any other program that looks like a paper planner, prints to a paper planner, but also let's me add notes (i.e. webpages, photos, etc.), and I can customize it enough to use it for GTD as well without having to go through a huge manual. it seems intuitive to me, so I will cross my fingers that my system will survive planplus :)

And I can still use my business card size context list in my planner!


I tried this as an option,

I tried this as an option, but found that it does not completely solve the issue, because you still have to go back and type into your computer whatever you hand wrote.
FYI, for me the printing had a lot of glitches!!

For those of us not in the

For those of us not in the know, how about a review of the product?

Maybe PlanPlus deserves a second look

I've tried different editions of Franklin's software since the Ascend days in the mid-90s, and yes, some have been anywhere from mediocre to outright terrible.

The new PlanPlus for Windows v 5 seems to have really changed things. I've heard there's a version 5.1 that does Vista as well.

They use a new printer driver that allows you to configure many options for paper planner printing, and there is new software to sync everything to your favorite palm or windows mobile device.

I bought v 5 last October, and haven't had any big hiccups since then.

I agree, maybe a review is in order.



I'm waiting for Omni Group's OmniFocus. (I really want and need syncing to Palm.)

If you can get your Palm to

If you can get your Palm to sync with Outlook (which can always be problematic), then the Franklin Covey PlanPlus will work for you, because it basically piggy-backs onto Outlook. The main things it adds is some of the goal-setting/planning/time management functionality of a paper planner from Franklin Covey and the ability to print planner pages (you can even buy special paper from it that is already hole punched) with all your typed information already in it.

Proceed With Caution! (yellow police tape here...)

My review, a cautionary tale.

I am a Franklin Covey acolyte from waaaay back. I have installed every release of PlanPlus over the years, both the stand-alone product and the Outlook piggyback. I have never found a version that doesn't eventually thrash my hard drive and/or my contacts. The product will also slow your pc to a crawl.

And lest you think this is due to user error...I am a lead systems analyst by trade. I deal with software for a living. In my opinion, PlanPlus is built on a flawed database engine that doesn't play well with others. The last Franklin Covey tech I spoke with noted that this may be because each version of the product has been contracted out to a different vendor for development.

Note that it's a bad sign when online chats with Franklin Covey tech support routinely include the phrases "have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling" (um yeah, duh) and "do you feel confortable editing your registry?".

In my humble opinion, if you want to try PlanPlus, install only the stand-alone Windows product, not the Outlook add-in, and import your contacts. That way Outlook won't be crashing every other time you open it, and you won't have to edit your registry to kill the Franklin Covey vampire-like Outlook components that return again and again even after the product is uninstalled.

Fun times.

Crafty Pagan Computer Geek

Other Options

I used to be a FC user, and did try the FP for Outlook, but ended up taking it out of my pc because it would slow my Outlook to death. I currently print my outlook lists using Clickbook which formats any type of document automatically to whatever size you want, and let's you print on both sides of the paper as well. It even includes all the FC papers as templates. I use it with Netcentrics GTD Add-In for Outlook and it works perfect for me.